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Artist: Bow Wow f/ Snoop Dogg
Album:  Wanted
Song:   Caviar
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[Chorus - Bow Wow] + (Snoop Dogg)
On a mission whisin' upon a star
Young Bow Weezy with the caviar
(In the back of a limo, make them others seem surreal
Breakin niggaz down like Evander Holyfield, geah)

[verse 1]
I might come to your toooooown, shut a show dooooooown (okay)
Got the whole crowd screamin', "Lil' Bow Wooooow"
Without the "Lil'" but I'm still on top
Back with S.S.D. record sales won't flop (nah)
That's what you thought, but I'm in that new Porshe
No box earrings, chain on no watch (that's big)
Picture a grandfather clock with DII-amonds
That's just the kinda mind state that I'mmm in
Caviar, Cartier, carterdrop
On my neck, call her dead cute shorty called liner (come heeere)
I'm on my p's and my q's
Stones green to the blue 23's when I cruise
Feel my calf muscle on the gas and the brake pedal
Ain't another youngin' on my bank level (where you at?!)
I'm right hurr, neva late, please see clurrr, its no blurrrr, yes surrr

[Chorus 1 1/2X with Snoop and Bow Wow's line switched around]

I'm on leer jets, know what make your face
from your tears wet while you rockin' last years SWEATS
Swag, yeah, I got it Prada bags for my luggage
Face on-screen for everything I does in the pub-lic
Boy won-da, make the other boys won-da
How we keep it comin' different e'ry summa
Don't be amazed cause of me
Be amazed cause the V came with a five year opped-out lease
Yea...that's 'cause I paid what I paid
If you paid like I'm paid, then yo' cribs came wit the maids
and if it didn't, then you slippin', catch up
but by the time you do, I'll probably do it different
I'm advanced, see the pants, see the kicks
See the stones on the risk, you see the phone on my hip? (where it at?!)
It's right thurr, up to date, please see clurrr, its no blurrr, yes surrr

[Chorus 2 with Snoop and Bow Wow's line switched back around]

[Snoop Dogg]
Shootin' niggaz down, slappin' bitches up
Straight cash strut with some Henny in my cup
Rude for the hell of it, I should be the president
Aye yo homey, Doggy Dogg got the medicine
(Where, where?) In the cabinet, I'm the magnet
of attracting the baddest bitches on the planet, dig it (dig it, dig it)
I once was a pup, neva scared to run up
I did it 'til the day I came up
and stars do shine, I take my 32 lines and try to make you unwind
First I, chop 'em and den some, flop 'em then flip 'em
Break 'em and bend 'em, then fix 'em
Convince 'em to buy my records, 'cause you know it's all hits
Spread the word 'cause you know it's the shit!
Quit playin', go get it, quit hesitatin'
It's the young and the big on tha real my nig'

[Chorus 4X]