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Artist: Left Eye f/ Tangi
Album:  Supernova
Title:  A New Star Was Born
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I Believe, When someone passes away
Either a star is born; Energy's so pure
That it creates new worlds
Or as the soul releases, shatters into pieces
Becoming free flowing thoughts, From my mental thesis
Maybe we just don't understand
Spirits, that still walk the land
Well whatever the case, I believe
That we all still remain to share the same space
So dad, I know your listening (Ooooh Ooooh Aaaah) How ya been?
Ooooh I'm doin fine. Jus passin time, submerged in sin
Everytime I take a bath, I jus get all dirty again
I'm tryin to cleanse my mind, cleanse my soul, and get in
Into that place you've been, Noooo I'm not tryin to rush anything
Jus wanna visit you, (heeeey) because I miss you
So what you tryin to say?
My imagination been wild since I been a child?
Since you laughing then
I'll take it good thing are happening

(Chorus) Tangi
The day I learned you were born
A new star was born
Just hearnin voices fill my mind
Saying look up in the sky
And when I did
There you were

Well, Sure you already know this; I'm a big pop star
And my pops is a star (giggle) no you really are
And sometime I feel like a nameless, I kinda made you a little famous
Always spillin my guts explainin to these people who think I'm nuts
Told em how you and moms never delt
My excuse for being such a disrupt
Yeah they sure did they called you and abusive drunk
Sorry didn't realize the media would run with it
But know I know, sometimes I try to have fun with it

[V3] (Left Eye)
What did you say? You wish to be free?
You been here all this time, because of me? And on August 16th
2001, anything that I wish to release, release? I see
First of all give him my thanks for preparing me, to be open and free
I release my mind, release my soul, release the curse, break the mold
Release my record 20 million sold release my pops free to go
Create a new galaxy, yes dad, you'll still be here right next to me

(Chorus X2)
A New Star Was Born