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Artist: Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes
Album:  Supernova
Song:   Life is Like a Park
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A ha ha ha

Whoa whoa whoa whoa
Whoa whoa yeah

What is life

To live is to believe
To love
Is to receive (yeah yeah)

Check it out
Check it out now (my life)
Come on (your life)
Yeah yeah
Yeah yeah
Uh huh (ah)
What what what what
Life life life life
Life life
Yeah yeah (yeah)

Young woman confused
Young woman abused
You must understand
It's never too late
To lose who you are
And choose who you are supposed to be
Supposed to become
You've been in and out
Up and down
Back and forth
Backwards around
Not a friend  
Not a mother not a father  
Just God
And you should make a choice
What you ought to do
What matters most
Who you are to you
Of the old and young
Shouldn't matter to you
Take advice
Think it over twice (twice)
Make a choice
That helps you sleep at night
Night is decent
But recently
Things have shown us
We have done the wrong things often
Never suicide
That's the easy route
There's always another way out
Think about it
Think about it

Life is like
Life is like a park
Seesaws merry-go-round
And thought you may swing high
Sometimes you may even fall down
And thought you may get stuck
You must get back up
You are bloomin' love

Now see if you went through life
With your eyes closed
You never would've known
There was a high road
Let people get the best of you
And get mad at them
Instead of bein' mad at yourself
You're only number one in your life (your life)
And you will decide
If it goes right (goes right)
Every time you digress
Defeat your progress
Feed you knowledge
But you must digest
The controversy yo
Can get personal
They don't understand
Who's at the role reversal
Seekin' fame
Play their games
Gave a whole lot
For a whole little game
When push comes to shove
Do you push or shove
When the choice is yours
Do you leave with love
All the tears you cried
You're dyin' inside
When will you decide to survive
Think about it


Clap your hands
This evenin'
Clap your hands
Why don't you
Clap your hands everybody
Everybody clap your hands
Why don't you clap your hands
Oh Left Eye
Everybody clap your hands
Why don't you clap your hands everybody
Everybody clap your hands ya'll
Clap your hands ya'll
Oh clap your hands
If you believe it
Clap your hands
Bloomin' love


Sometimes you may fall down
But you gotta get back up
And try it again
Try it again
Tnd try it again
Try it again
And try it again
And try it again