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Artist: The Lady of Rage f/ Tha Dogg Pound, Snoop
Album:  Necessary Roughness 
Song:   Rough Rugged & Raw 
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Rage... what does that word mean, Rage? 
Out-Rage-ous, vindictive... conspicuous 
All about it, got to have it 
The big bo-ty girl 

[Rage & Daz together] 
You don't know what you in store for 
Rough, rugged, and raw (raw hardcore) 
Rough, rugged, and raw (raw) 

[Snoop, trading off with Rage] 
Hey yo Robin (whassup?) I feel like squabbin (what?) 
And if you wit me (uh-huh) I know that you're mobbin (c'mon) 
It ain't no thang (uh-uh) it ain't no problem 
(And if it was?) Mmm, I know that we could solve em 

[Daz & Rage together] 
Yeah, rough (rugged and raw) 
Rugged (rough, rugged, and raw 
Hard-core (rough, rugged, and raw) 
Rugged (rough, rugged, and raw) 

[Dat Nigga Daz] 
Ahh, kick shit off so tight, kick rhymes 
I kick real shit when I recite 
The poetry lethal as ?Moe Brown? 
I got you hoppin with a new sound 
Dat Nigga Daz showin up to put it down 
Who's the example, who tried to come and make my fear 
MC's come around and kick the shit that's real 
KnowhatImean? Get steamed, the pressure in, to the extreme 
It ain't a dream, real shit from real MC's 
I can't complain or explain it I run you over like a train 
Bang and hang, box rhyme skate, then swang 
It ain't a thang, cover quarter artificial rappers 
B-boys and MC's, what's happenin 
Check it, tell me, nuthin could save ya 
You better watch out, cause nuthin could save ya 
I blast you lay you down surround you with the hypnotical sound 
The Lady of Rage and the Pound for life 
I keep it underground, no matter where I'm from 
I keep it real with a sound, you better watch it 
for the battleground, for instance, I spray your 
whole god damn crew put you out of commission, fool listen 
Wise up and pay attention, and take heed 
til you get driven, into the floor 
until you don't want no more, I can't stop repeatedly 
You heard shots (pop pop pop) turn on the six o'clock 
and who'd you see, who I popped, is it you? Or is it him? 
Is it one of your parents, is it your friend? 

[Rage & Daz] 
Rough, rugged, and raw (hardcore) 
Rough, rugged, and raw, hah (hardcore) 
Rough, rugged, and raw (hardcore) 
Rough, rugged, and raw 

[The Lady of Rage] 
Now check this 
The key in the game is to be in the game 
It's all about the fortune, motherfuck the game 
It's not the same, I ain't tryin to make me no names 
Live on stage, it's the Lady of Rage, I don't 
follow no fads, the Lady of Rage is bad 
Bad down to the marrow keep your eyes on the sparrow 
Pure raw rough rugged and hardcore, Robin's on the soar 
The deadliest to take flight 
The bomb rhyme condor, rhyme conniseur in my castle 
You don't want no hastle, you don't wanna battle 
Skeedaddle, be on your merry way (cause what?) 
Cause on this very day you're Going Down like Mary J. 
Whip you like cream it's the cream of the crop, the top notch 
to win the wars without tecs and glocks, Rage rocks 
Always and forever to the casket bruh 
All up in that ass til you had enough 

[Snoop Doggy Dogg] 
Cause she's the queen of the hip-hop game, you know her name 
She sent on a mission so I gots to handle things 
I can't let her down, I gots to represent the Pound 
With the hardco' rough rugged, for yo' nugget 
You love it, you dug it 
The shit on tape young nigga, so hurry up and dub it 
Hey yo Robin (whassup?) I feel like squabbin (what?) 
So if you're wit me (uh-huh) I know that you're mobbin (c'mon) 
It ain't no thing (uh-huh) it ain't no problem (uhh, and if it was) 
Uhh, you know that we could solve em 

[The Lady of Rage] 
Now everytime I step into a room, KA-BOOM!! 
Here comes the heavyweight masha, in any shape form or fashion 
Rip the roof off the mother kick the frame out this fucker (hayyyy!) 
Cause Rage shit, pops with extra butter 
Hotter than the 4th of July, I tell you no lie 
Til the, uhh, day I die, I be fly Robin fly 
Smackin with the swiftness, witness this comin 
I'm wipin suckers out, so you can call me ahh the clean up woman 
But I gots, better things to do like making, cheddar with my crew 
Like shaking and baking rookies like cookies and umm veterans too 
I got beaucoup flow, who you know that can go toe to toe 
I'm the heavyweight champ, hah, you'll get stamped 
Send it, I'm hittin hard enough to dent this, I'm relentless 
I leave your whole camp tentless, so bow down in repentance 
or pay the Price like Vincent, smack that ass like infants 
Period end of sentence, this is how I end this, hayyyY! 
Break it down