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Artist: Lost Secret f/ Ced Gee
Album:  Queens Hall of Science
Song:   Delta Force 2007
Typed by: Lost Secret, Cno Evil

[Chorus: Ced Gee]
Hello, I'm back again
With Metatron, the champion
Hello, I'm back again
It's Ced Gee, the champion
Hello, I'm back again
With Metatron, the champion
Hello, I'm back again

[Archangel Metatron]
I'm a radar, getting messages from galaxies
They want me to stop, aliens are mad at me
Cause on the face of the Earth I'm the first
To break the wrath of the curse
Getting lucky, just like David did Goliath
My rhymes, they sling shot, around Orion
Then return like a comet killing giants
I'm defiant, so stop relying, on
Weak rhyming child molesters
But I'm the Metatron, Pyramid Protector
The Delta, Alpha, and Omega, Supreme Divine soundwaves
Puerto Rico beat the Dream Team, reality
And forget formalities, explode with thoughts
Yes, nuclear of course, you stepping to me?
You get your face slashed, irrational, a pattern in Pi's decimal
Decimate, your brain, I detonate
Chill with germs then further instigate
Create, which means to build something
Words to thoughts to flesh, now I wanna kill something
Motherfuckers, Lost Secret two soloist
Your moms mad that your pops on some homo shit
Blowing up your brain like a Jewish terrorist
Or a Muslim, whatever irrelevant
Rappers, to me you just a toilet seat
You get shit on, I'm a cleanse your soul
Rap to take control, I'm Metatron and I'm a roll
My names the Delta


[Ced Gee]
Back to take control as I begin
To rip this mic apart, from end to end
Combine the rhyme that's mines to make 'em blend
Produce a beat that's dope
I hope you smoke the dope, I wrote I quote
I made your brain choke, you need an antidote
Of rhymes, just like funky potions
I killed your membranes, so now your hoping
That you can become, another intellect
But you're a dummy, son, your rhymes can't connect
Metaphors, cause your style is very basic
You leave traces, you have no aces
Jacks, or Kings, or Queens, or even deuces
I'm like Spades, you can't renege this
Ultramagnetic style of rhythm
Brain combustion, is what I give 'em
To make them shake and hesitate and make mistakes
To stay awake cause the Gee stands for Great
Man, reachin' my apex
The more I climb, son, some rappers hate that
Twist and change the way I rearrange they brains
Cause I'm still the Delta