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Artist: Layzie Bone f/ Joe Little, M.T.F., Snoop Dogg
Album:  It's Not a Game
Song:   Smokin' on Information
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[Intro: Snoop] + (Layzie)
Yeah, look what the wind done blew in (Snoop Dogg)
The Big Snoopy D-O double Gizzle (Ken Dawg)
Representin Dogghouse Records (Skano)
Eastside L-B-C, all the way out here in the Midwest (East 99)
With my nephew Layzie Bone, Mo Thugs (yeah, East 99)
And I brought a couple of my homeboys with me too (St. Clair)
So you know we about to get ugly up in this motherfucker (let's do this)
Y'know? Ha ha, yeah (yeah)
All you niggaz that be eavesdroppin, or ear hustlin
Smokin on information (yeah)
You know what time it is (sucker-ass niggaz)
We 'bout to serve to y'all (flat out) for the 2000 plus 2
Ooh-wee, yabba dabba doo (it's the movement baby, this is the movement)

[Snoop Dogg]
Fo'-fo' in my bag, Mo-Mo in my glass
Po'-po's on my ass, man they want a nigga bad
I zig and I zag cause I got expired tags
I'm just tryin to make it to my nephew Layzie's pad
Dippin in the old school 6-7 rag
Either I'ma throw out the mag or blast they ass
Fast with the decision, cash was my envision
Life's about havin it, stackin it and crackin it
While I'm flippin these bitches, no mo' chickens
They livin so fugazi, Layzie let's just kick it
Get it, got it, pop it for me one time
If you wanna switch, lock it for me one time
Now do the three-wheel motion, coastin
From the Mid-wicked-West to the ocean, smokin
My nigga what you holdin?
A bizzle, f'shizzle, G'd up in Snoop Dogg clothin

[Chorus: Joe Little] + (Layzie)
Smokin on information (real niggaz do real thangs)
We're smokin on, this is our congregation
(From the North, to the South, to the East, to the West)
DoggHouse and Bone
Smokin on information (real niggaz do real thangs)
We're smokin on, this is our congregation
(From the North, to the South, to the East, to the West)
DoggHouse and Bone Thugs

[Skant Bone]
I'm from the, nitty gritty
I'm comin to shake up the whole city with this Midwest flow
That keepin them bouncin and beggin for mo'
This thugs shit all with the rulin and you know it can't be judged
I never'd go Hollywood, cause they cannot change this thug
about this paper, and never to raised to be a fame chaser
My momma'd always told me my shit would be greater, later
Smokin'd on information and sippin the Olde-E
The world wouldn't be shit without them gangsta's and T-H-U-G's
So take heed motherfucker'd before you lose out
I got my family Mo Thugs, and the DoggHouse
Who comin with it, like Puff acquitted I wonder who really did it?
I'm Skant Bone if you think you know my tone
Invitin all haters and bustas to the murda zone
They better be ready cuz, cause the war is on
Mo Thugs, DoggHouse nigga
Mo Thugs, and we out nigga


[Ken Dawg]
I'm in here lightin up somethin smokin, long as my niggaz leave me open
Floatin, ask 'em what's the 4-1-1 on all this potent
Suckin up the love, DoggHouse and Mo Thug
Ken Dawg and doubled'll hustle, as I muscle through scrubs
Congregatin, makin my pressence, oh what a essence
I ain't stressin 'bout no second-hand ass nigga with suggestions
Hey holla Mo Thug (Mo Thug) haters hold up
You know what? I think that's Ken Dawg, yep show love
With the Big Snoop D-O, smoke until we P-O
Playas we came, together to get this money until we G-O
They love me for that, they know I'm in love with the scratch
I hear a million niggaz holla'n, how they want a contract
I analyzed all, information exposed in the air
Judge it for myself and told you my repsonse as a playa
Set up and had it, stretched out, worldwide spread
All the way from the 2-1-6 to the 2-1-3 here


[Layzie Bone]
You better believe a nigga be stompin in my big black boots
Little Lay' and Snoop comin through
And I thought you knew niggaz gon' do what they do
And I play this game like I bring it, do this shit cause I mean it
Seen it come together so clean, shit; do you know who I'm the team wit?
Only them, real live playas, from the block to the stage
Keepin it locked and gettin paid, nothin but thugs in our ways
It's them polished pimpin playas, poppin pistols packin drama
I'ma put it like this, pretty much I'm that nigga that'll bomb ya
If you want it, you can get it, information, let me hit it
Can you feel me nigga you dig it? If you wit it nigga what is it?
It's just them dawgs in the house and mo' and mo' comin in
So nigga blaze it, raise the roof, nigga lights camera action
Cause that's what's happenin, real niggaz unite
And do it right, cause if you don't, you might not get it twice
That's why I be, parlayin, G'd up and sharpei and
I do this all day and, your nigga Layzie Bone is in the house

[Chorus]  repeat 2X