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Artist: Bizzy Bone & Layzie Bone f/ The Notorious B.I.G.
Album:  Bone Brothers III
Song:   Cash Money
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[Intro: Bizzy]
Yeah, yeah
You know what it is, you know what it is (cash money)
Lil' Lay, you know what it is
They call him L-Diamond now, keep on shinin baby
{"To the Batkave"}

[Chorus: Bizzy Bone]
Cash money in the bag, bustin a sack in back
With my du-rag, who dat, true dat!
Cash money in the bag, bustin a sack in back
With my du-rag, who dat, true dat!
Cash money in the bag

[Bizzy Bone]
Step in the party, all ready and we will get high, Bacardi and mix it with mango
A couple of bottles and go to the table just me and L-Diamond, we shinin like angels
Look at the women with curves and angles, hey, I'm finna go tango
We'll never change, we doin that same ol' same ol'
Shootin in back and now they know, they know
Couple of broads, couple of broads, trouble and back to the usual
Lil' Lay passed the weed, whatever you need bleed, and everything beautiful
Who do, do you, true you, to you, who you? You know we that doo-doo
And now I am lookin for mushu, whoo, would you look at that boo-boo
My nigga Fubu gettin to talk and chat, quick as a cat and shit that is that
They'll never locate it right outta the back and after the club, you know where I'm at
Lil' Lay do what he do, you know he the mack of the clique, true though
He ready to go, I'm ready to roll
I'll be in the car with this bottle when you're ready to roll


[Layzie Bone]
Let me get this crackin, what's happenin?
Yeah, I'm all about my paper stackin
I'ma floss on the scene when I feel like flashin
Check the record, I went way past platinum
I ain't act impatient, I'm smashin takin
anything I want cause I got the bacon
I'ma keep it shakin, these moves I'm makin
Everything to prove, no time is wastin
These wasters hatin but it ain't nothin new
Niggaz die slow when the thugs slide through
Yeah, two deep in that Bentley Coupe
pull to the curb like "What it do"
I'm a fool with a swag, got my tool in my bag
Nigga so clean I don't need to brag
Pretty girls on me, tryin to leave with half
but they fuck wit'cha boy cause they see the cash
I'ma buy the bar, I'ma hit the flo'
Stayin out the club cause I'm blazin 'dro
I'ma do it real big 'til I'm faded yo
I'm the man 'round here, I'm amazin hoe
You know this Layzie flow got me mad respect
If a nigga disrespect, I'ma have his neck
Lil' niggaz in the past that I had to check
they found out I was playin with a half a deck, yep


[The Notorious B.I.G.]
Welcome to my center, honeys feel it deep in they placenta
Cold as the pole in the winter
Ricochet off the vertebrae, dead splat, where your heart be at
That starts the cardiac arrest, where's your vest?
You forgot, now you slowly drop cause your heart stopped beatin
Your bitch-ass crew is retreatin
Niggaz left you fucked up, passed out, wit'cha ass out
Pockets ran through, stripped wit'cha brains bashed out
Niggaz wanna do me, slugs just run through me
Like trees to branches; cliffs to avalanches
It's the prayin mantis, deep like the mind of Farrakhan
A motherfuckin rap phenomenon
I make it hot

[Chorus]  repeat 2X to fade