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Artist: Kurupt f/ TQ
Album:  Greatest Hits Vol. 1
Song:   Odd Squad
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Yeah good looking out Dame for dropping that heat on
my album thug

Yeah (*3X*)
Odd Squad (*2X*)
You don't wanna

Once your eyes open the mysteries fall
Wall to world wars, in a far world
You're in the middle, we're the star wars
So come on nigga welcome to our wars
Im a show you something that might crack ya cranium
Team Millennium, strong as titanium
Force ya heart beat to slow on down
We rounding up at the squad meet, go on down
And I'm a catch you later homie
Yeah baby I'm collapsing continents
Rollin in continentals
Parental consent, a 2 piece on top of the temple
Im a show you something you've never seen before
Raise a bean black Charlie, she ain't green before
Young Damien Young, this is our squad, the odd squad
Loud like the Mob squad
Hit 'em 5 times and shift their spine

[TQ - Chorus]
That's odd squad, odd squad, the odd squad
Picture me rolling in a six four
See foe on my ?, but we ain't seen them coming closer
Nigga what, getting a lap dance, I hit the switch
And then switch, then switch
Turnaround back, drop like a yak hitting the switch

Looking at lil mama
What you like to do, what you into
What you in fo', what they hitting fo'
Look at lil mama with them tight ass jeans
Ol crooked lil mama with them tight ass jeans
Im a flash a thug on her
Pull out 200, of them things baby, just for you
Im a flash it in her face, yeah lets get loaded
And go and post up on a move on moment
Kurupt, Young Roscoe, call me Neil Paul
?, top choice of them all
Kurupt Young Gotti, call me Paul BD
With the skirts from Tahiti
Working at the mall, bitch


Flash flood, body in the mud
A couple of outta town niggaz trip in the club
You don't wanna get yo check
End it in 8 seconds, will split yo chest
Like the fake Al Pacino
Get touched, touching something fired up, hot sauce
and jalapeņos
TQ and Kurupt, Young Roscoe
Highly talented, extremely hostile
Why fly by first
It's the fire and desire of the first
Violent outbursts
This is our squad, odd squad
Loud like the Mob squad
Its fire, chiselled and fine

[Chorus] (*2X*)


You don't wanna
Odd squad (*3X*)
You don't wanna