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Artist: Killer Mike f/ Big Boi (OutKast)
Album:  Ghetto Extraordinary / My Chrome 12"
Song:   My Chrome
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[Intro - Killer Mike]
(You don't have to go home)
One time, one time - one time, one time

[Verse - Killer Mike]
Easy, that cush shit got me sleepy
Rollin down 85, leaning but I ain't weaving
Man you, should stay a day in the A
A parade of them chevelots, the colors of flavor aid
Can you, believe I got it made
Impala in the garage, got Forces and all the J's
I'm leaning back, ride shotgun in the chevy with the homeboy burning sacs
We heading to the spot where we get down, nigga where the bitches at
If they talking right, acting right, walking right
Down to take flight, they ain't gotta go home, they can stay the night

You don't have to go home
You can stay right here, put one in the air
While we're bending corners on my chrome
Same shit another year, in the southern hemisphere
Wait a while, you don't have to go..

[Verse - Killer Mike]
Nigga hold up, hold up
Make sure they see you when you roll
Hop out that truck all ready fucked up
Toe up from the motherfucking blow up
From the floor up, to the ceiling
Smoke kiss in the walls in the top of the building
Lile momma's on e, sitting next to me
She's catching a feeling
And I'm feeling, like I'm 'pose to
I'm as fly as a Jordan poster
I'm leaning and breathe smelling like hen and a mix of hydroponic
By the the time my click find me in VIP I'm lost in a cloud of chronic
Had sex with the best, got head from the rest
Motherfucker believe I done it


[Verse - Big Boi]
Hot tub, tony sucka free and still bubblin
Truck still rattling and bumping now move something

[Verse - Killer Mike]
Hold up Big Boi! I'm still weed crumpling
The sac keeps shaking and block keep jumping
Lay back, lay back, treat this eight six cut like a Maybach
Hey show these suckas that after 50 million sold
Daddy Fat Sacs still where the hood at, hood at

[Verse - Big Boi]
Hood rats and decoy b-boys understood that
Whether its creme de la creme, where the good at
I got it in that 1.5, I had to put the swisha down cause my lugs got tired
Now lets ride, lets ride

[Verse - Killer Mike]
Back down 85, five
With the click in the truck, full of chicks in the back of the 6
Nobody going home tonight

You don't have to go home
Straighten up your hair, you don't need a mirror
You can fix your makeup in my chrome
Same shit another year, in the southern hemisphere
Wait a while, before you don't have to go..

Ahh! It feels like ecstasy
The sound, whoa! feels like ecstasy
Oooh.. oohh! feels like ecstasy (feels like ecstasy!)
The groove, takes control of me