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Artist: Kid Cudi
Album:  Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager
Song:   The Mood
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Kid Cudi]
Yup! {*2X*}

Shades, over my eyes
Make the creepers look back at themselves
Sittin stuck, in emotional bliss
The skinny model girls rub coke on their gums
Tap my knee; I'm deep in the rhythm
The young and wild take chances together
They all jump up, just to groove
But no one talks - lost in the motherfuckin mood

No one talks - lost in the mood
No one talks - sweatin it out, lost in the mood

[Kid Cudi]
Ay~! There's a hunger in the night
The moonlight kissing the lips on a model frame
I kissed her inner thigh
Closed my eyes, she began to make me fish
She like to go the mile
All the while I could see her tear a bit
I forget her name, somethin that sound like Penelope
Maybe a French twang to it
Her tongue was quick, she was French I knew it
A lovely foreigner, foreign to racism
She like that young nigga vibe
My brown skin, my shagged out 'fro
I'm king to her, and she will please her friend for me
So funny how the starvin are Godless
Naked is always honest
Her hands all over my privates, lost in the mood


{*instrumental from 1:36 to 2:10*}

[Kid Cudi]
But no one talks, lost in the motherfuckin mood