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Artist: Kid Cudi f/ Mary J. Blige
Album:  Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager
Song:   Don't Play This Song
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Kid Cudi]
Let's have some fun this time

[Chorus: Kid Cudi] + (Mary J. Blige)
Wanna know what it sound like when I'm not on drugs?
Please please don't play this song
R-r-r-r-right, r-right, r-right-right-right
Tryin to get my mind, my mind, my mind right right
(People think they really bein helpful)
(By tellin me to please be careful, yeah right!)
R-r-right, r-right, r-right-right-right
Please please don't play this song

[Kid Cudi]
Yo (ah ha) pain, hurt, sadness and loneliness
Balled all that shit right up, tossed it away to the bottomless
Pit, the part of my mind that slips and the part of my mind so sick
I don't even like to take the trip unless I'm sloppy drunk
I pray for my mom, how a teach had a son
that never gave a fuck about a Scantron
All I wanted was to be a human being
and show all the world some new colors and scenes
Imagine all types of beautiful scenery
I remember when I first had trees
Smoked on a black n' mild, so dumb of me
Now, I'm grape cigarillo man
Any young black kid guaranteed fan
Hold it down humble pie on the humble
And I'm treatin all my girls like models
Reckless and young and my, my mom's calling
Think I should hit decline
I'm numb face while I'm thinkin 'bout suicide

[Chorus] w/ ad libs from Mary J. Blige

[Kid Cudi]
Hey-whoaaaaaa, yeah~! Ha ha
Hey, black Robin Hood, ridin high just like we should
You know the sayin, ain't no delayin
Gotta gets the gettin while the getting's good
Yeah demented, my brain was forced to transform
Wise up, I'm checkin the gate, on humble tales and minimum wage
The blogs tell it, Cudi's lame
Wearin a kilt, he must be gay
Let's keep it trill, fuck bein discreet
But some girls tweet how they miss my meat
Yeah, Cudders, HBO that Vitamin Water
That's money to blow cause it's money for blow
Don't take no shit, you can blame my mom
I'm in the maze, I'm in a daze, I'm losin it
I'm lockin in my rocketship
I'll be a blip on your radar bitch
Feels like things can't be covered
Until the day I'm above myself hovered

[Chorus] w/ Mary J. ad libs

[Kid Cudi] w/ Blige ad libbing
Ha ha!
Ooooooooooh {*4X*}