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Artist: KHM
Album:  Game
Song:   Xecutive Decision
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Marc Live]
Executive business, this is the final destination
No movie screens, big garbage trucks
Cowboy boots, heavy machineries, you get shut down
Explosive corrosion on kids, we the next the last the best you never did it
You think you buggin out crazy kids?
We popped a lot of pills to see exactly what adolescents did
Caged in, the nightstalkers, ten to midnight
Sneak in your window with more "dynamite" than Jimmy Walker's
Oklahoma City your project, Richard Ramirez your complex
You got a messed up concept
You see a lot of kids records and tapes
won't go through they little sister's, dollhouse deluxe Barbie roof
Leave the bar immediately, you can't buy it out
You rappers ball with doubts
You kids are stallin out, you not as big as you supposed to be
Chicks like snitchin, defecate on your street rep
We know the business, don't front when you see me
Forget the House of Blues and backstage
City stressed out industry chicks in a rented Escalade
I'ma laugh and diss you when you get fired one week from today
No Def Jam interview segment, you're not stars yet
Regular people, they'll get rid of you people

Off the chain, one two one two
Off the chain, off the chain
Off the chain, off the chain
Off the chain

[Kool Keith]
"Planet Rock" when we stand on top of the world
like Pow Wow, Mr. Biggs and GLOBE, with speed of a cheetah
In a Pontiac pearl girls know I'm the club invader
When the SSL move, automated vocals on the fader
Big face like green street, mixed down on a Pentac console
I bounce my amateur Pro Tools and unique
Watch rappers combat I create headaches, you take the contact
Easy man watch step, I'm midtown FDR drive controller
Helicopter flyer, women admire
New York 1 News tri-state to Connecticut area, traffic reporter
Lincoln Tunnel Greyhound, with bags comin under water from Cuba
Crossin the Miami border
Takin control we want ransom, we got your daughter

Off the chain, I'm off the chain
We off the chain, off the chain
Off the chain, off the chain

Yeah, you see it, you hear it
I play pianos, blast on Sopranos
Black Zorros, take trips from triangles
Finagles, 64 pounds of 'dro on two tables
Cables, bootleg stables, 7 hoes 3 with Desert Eagles
Fatal, strap blast 4 Winnebagos ables
to ask R. Kelly is that chick legal? Sequels
I never listened to the Village Peoples, equals
to instinct poison the BlackStreet blast heat
Kitties on my feet, Janet Jackson handin out flyers for keep Greek
Chicks with pimps sticks out the whip, beat down
Where's my shit, take the dip and dip
Call girls slip notes cutthroat
42 Singapore chicks on slave boats promote
Right to vote sniff coke under trenchcoats
Stun guns with high volts don't provoke
Blast crabs, lay dead in the gunsmoke

Off the chain {*9X*}
We off the chain, off the chain
Off the chain, yeah, yeah