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Artist: KHM
Album:  Game
Song:   Nice Things
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Yeah, uh-huh, uhh
You switch your pitch, which nigga smack yo' bitch
Ditch foes, cancel shows, fifth hoe's disclosed
Cheese, weed, shot ki's
Deez hoes pay fees overseas
Please no degrees low blow powder
Every hour power you follow allow our leaders critique and teach ya
Duct tape on the handle of the heater
Sip Beefeater, true believer
Put holes in your wifebeater
Meet the ones learnin, left heads turnin
Earnin, pockets showin, bank flowin, growin
Pain, fuckin sniff 'caine, you strange force
Resort, pipe bombs in county court, break North, support
Streets wet your feet, +Pimp to Eat+
Rhyme we eat, meetin hoes we fuck and delete
Complete format, step up your act, stay packed
Flat booty chicks nigga fuck that~!

[Chorus 2X: Kool Keith]
I like to shine and sport, nice thangs
I like to wear my gators and big rangs
Drive around the town, in a Range
Let the girls c'mere, you keep the change

[Marc Live]
This shit is so big! So don't be jealous when we blast through
Our big status make your girl feel it
She can't see us in the flesh kid (why not?) We no comp' for niggaz
Just enter your spot, cold force you to death (let's go)
Sick to your stomach, you're holdin your breath
A lot of smoke in my area, it's backroom shit
Velvet rope, good people doin bad dope
We arrogant, sport top chicks you marry kid, we never Hollywood
We take a supermodel back to the pissy hood, she's doin everything
Change your level, your town feel bling tremors
The new K-H, M; now listen close to the blueprint
Corny niggaz never come in, this is dark room
Speakeasy four o'clock shit red room, they know us instantly
There's no industry, we built the rep
Crack your neck extravagant when we step on your set

[Chorus] - 0.75X

[Kool Keith]
I see you adaptin to your surroundings, beefin up your security
Every group is petrol, armored car protection
Ten cars follow you with groupies and models too
Bodyguard service got half of y'all stayin in a hired hotel (YEAH~!)
Scared to look out the window and nervous
Tinted glass at the red light got you passin every stop sign fast
Bringin 18 wannabe gangsters surroundin you first class
When you look over you shoulder stand there hired police officers I laugh
Haunted by evil lyrics, now you face the consequences with witchcraft
Dangerous areas, can't camouflage your record company staff
You do the math, and face opponents
Watch your rearview, and dominant king of voodoo
Chess moves and strategy let me see the fly car crash
and the midsection get brutal, break out you fuckin poodle

[Chorus] - 0.75X