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Artist: KHM
Album:  Game
Song:   Game
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Kool Keith]
You wanna judge and rate albums motherfucker? KHM
Fuck you~! Take it personal

Devestating, piss on your champagne bottles, exclusive background
Nigga the closest y'all get to bitches is on bullshit sets
with rented video models, close your introduction, put your ear to the speakers
You fuckin played out, compared to Pony like M-1 sneakers
Fuck you motherfuckers on Star Trek cellular phones
Talkin to broke niggaz with doo rags
Got the nerve to beam in the other broke motherfuckers with platinum beepers
With jealous stripes across your face like Adidas, unimportant material niggaz
Y'all some Lucky Charms cereal niggaz
Fuck miscellaneous parties, summer jam action, y'all face the Tony Hanna boots
Fuck up your cartoon shirt, I'm imperial niggaz
Fuck your game up with saddle soap, comedian stage set-up
Pull covers on top of you, you a fuckin joke, ask Steve Harvey
Your camera flash on corny-ass critics, reflect off my leather coat
You gobble and digest, fans swallow what I wrote
Fuck actin fly, dancin to homo tracks on fuckin boats
You collect jazz records, fuck Max Roach
Sideline nigga, youse a fuckin coach

Game recognize game - youse a sucka nigga
New face nigga, starin and schemin
Game recognize game - youse a suckin nigga
New face nigga, starin and schemin

[Marc Live]
Get on the pole bitch, let's go, now do your thing chick
Shake your shit, we don't wanna hear shit
Breakin out, we got the bus out back
Dress you up, take a flick in the back, toss you up in the back
We sick (let's go) but we accustomed to that
And chick, we gonna bust on your back
Jugganot track pushin you back, lightspeed niggaz
Strip your chick; you're too slow to react
I told your bitch, don't be callin me back
I sent her home, with my dick on her back, now she's a witness to tha
Uhh, now she's a victim of that
Tell her man, don't be rippin at that, sucka nigga whassup
Yo, you New York kids, we different than that
Yo we stalk kids, so don't be sleepin on that - uhh
Yo I be laughin when you sleep on your back
From the back I blast, one in your back


Uhh, dump and dip, empty the clip
Trip with entourages, strip 5-11 roll with life 7
Double K they settle it quick metal it, drill it
For villain fam it's easy, we spillin blood kill 2-faces
Catch cases, choke you wit'cha own shoelaces
Places and faces get replaced, sensation's death
Upset homicidal let's get murder and don't forget task force
Blast big boss of course jewels in back of The Source we floss
With no remorse, thuggin homo, rainbow Rambo, nude photo
So, strawberry milk, you listenin to Sisqo yo look
Fuck the nice singin the kids in the hook
I'm shook and took women who act like men
Men who act gangsta strangle a fake gangbanger
Your CEO nothin profess to Richard Gere playin with pet hampsters