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Artist: Kendrick Lamar f/ Dr. Dre
Album:  good kid, m.A.A.d city
Song:   Compton
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

[Kendrick Lamar]
Now everybody serenade the new faith of Kendrick Lamar
This is King Kendrick Lamar: King Kendrick and I meant it
My point intended is raw
Fix your lenses forensics would've told you Kendrick had killed it
Pretend it's a massacre and the masses upon us
And I mastered bein' the master at dodgin' your honor and the chapter that read at 25 
I would live dormant like five in the mornin'
They raid your spot while Kendrick's performin' and if they take everything, know I got

[Chorus: male singer]
Compton, Compton
Ain't no city quite like mi-iiine...

[Kendrick] Ay Dre, what's happenin' wit it, my nigga?

[Dr. Dre]
Still I'm at it, peel the plastic off it, you can feel the magic
Still I'm laughin' at the critics talkin', I can see 'em gaggin'
When I'm back in the back of my city, back in the 'bach
with a batch of them bangin' Dre Beats with me, look where I'm at
It's the murder cap' and I'm captain at birthin' this gangsta rap
It's a wrap when I'm done and I come a long way 
from a hundred dollars a month to a hundred mil' in a day, bitch I'm from


[Kendrick Lamar]
... So come and visit 
the tire screechin', ambulance, policemen
Won't you spend a weekend on Rosecrans, nigga?
Khaki creasin', crime increasin' on Rosecrans, nigga; Kendrick Conan, nigga
Where you sword at? Hand on the cross and swore that
I do it big as Rasputia for them shooters, Kama Sutra scream 
"Fuck your position and make you hold that"
I'm tryin' to stay grounded like four flats but I know flats and Piru Crip tats

[male singer]
Will swarm on me like a beehive, hop in the G ride
From the West to the Eastside, know that's just how Compton rooooll...

[Dr. Dre]
And that's a given
I pass the blunt then pass the torch of course, that's my decision
I crash the Porsche then you report that you see me in Benzes
I must report that we import the narcotics you bought it

[Kendrick Lamar]
Then talked about it when crack hit the speakers, the music business
I blow up every time, we throw up a record
Dependin' on what you expectin', I'm sure it's bigger than your religion
Perfected by niggas that manifested music to live in


[Dr. Dre]
So tell that gangster throw his set high
Roll it up in a blunt, I'ma take you on the next high
I did exactly what I wanted that's what made them checks fly
in my direction, you never questioned when I said I
would be a mogul before I visit 2Pac and Left Eye
Eazy and Aaliyah when I see you, we gon' test drive
A Lambo in Heaven but for now I'm on the redeye
Flyin' back to my city cause I'll forever standby


[Kendrick Lamar]
Now we can all celebrate
We can all harvest the rap artists of NWA
America target our rap market, it's controversy and hate
Harsh realities we in made our music translate
to the coke dealers, the hood rich, and the broke niggas that play
with them gorillas that know killers that know where you stay
Roll that kush, crack that case, ten bottles of Rosé
This was brought to you by Dre, now every motherfucker in here say

[Outro: male singer] + (Kendrick Lamar)
Look who's responsible 
for takin' Compton international; I make 'em holla, oooohhh...
(Aiyyo Just Blaze, good lookin' homie)
{"Just Blaze!"} Ain't no city quite like mine, yeah
In the city of Compton.. ain't no city quite like mine