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Artist: Kane & Abel f/ Master P, Silkk The Shocker, Sons of Funk
Album:  Am I My Brothers Keeper
Song:   Call Me When You Need Some
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[Master P]
Ugggh, call me when you need
Plan B you ain't trippin
You heard me?

You Bonnie I'm Clyde
Let me rob a bank at night and go between them thighs
Holding like Sam
Cocked it like a tech 9 take it off safety and won't jam
Now I got you loving me
Your boyfriend's mugging me
But thugs ain't tripping keep on hugging me
And tell me how you want it (how you want it)
And we can have sex from 6:00 to 7 in the morning.
Some say I'm a sucker for love

[Silkk The Shocker]
But the hardest niggas need us so blame I'm a thug
Now regardless
Pull out the red carpets when I come through
Never tripping making our ghetto wishes to come true
Don't blame it on the hangover
Blame it on the benzo and Lorenzo
And the way I spit game when it's going past ten 
I got to be in it like a nympho
So here's the keys to my ride
And if you bout it my flight arrives at five

[Master P]
Plan B everybody needs one
Plan B call me when you need some (4X)
[Sons of Funk in background]
Can we lay all alone, doja burnin
I don't see nothing wrong
Is it cool to fuck?
Do you think you can love this thug
When you want to get closer
Fiending for this ghetto love
You can't get enough

[Kane & Abel]
Maybe it's the hennesey I want to give it to you
Have you screaming No Limit Soldier when I'm finished with you
Now turn the lights out ain't nobody here but us
Girl your s hitting you got me feeling some lust
So many playas in the ghetto you don't know who to trust
They tell you riding with this thug might be dangerous
Now sip the champagne hit the green let me play with your hair
Take you to Victoria's Secrets pick out something to wear

In the clouds of smoke making jokes we getting blunted
Getting hot cause you like the TVs in my 600
Keep it on the low don't tell your man we done it 
put my 9 on the dresser and let me undress you

[Chorus] 4X

[Kane & Abel]
Kane & Abel, Silkk The Shocker, Master P, Sons of Funk
Go run and tell your girls 
bout a night with a soldier it ain't No Limit