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Artist: Kane & Abel f/ Soulja Slim, Mac, Big Ed, Fiend, Mia X, and Mystikal
Album:  Am I My Brothers Keeper
Song:   Let's Go Get Em'
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Let's go get em' let's go get em'
Let's go get em' let's go get em' dawg x2

[Kane & Abel]
My click is killers
In the line of fire in a pack of stuff affiliated mob figures
Down with mortal combat camouflage soldier rags 44 mag
And you wants to die when we ship bags and hold tags
We rolling up and we holding up
Boot up or shoot up and get that jaw swollen up
Killer please give me some gangsta shit know the click cock it back
Kane & Abel bout that combat bitch

[Soulja Slim]
Go get em' with split em' don't bullshit em'
Hit em' with a round now the tank split em' split em'
Don't let a nigga catch you slipping we camouflage
Killer connection committed armed surprise
Duck and die for the buster but I'm straight as a crease
Heat seek don't sleep when my trigger finger tweak
Bloody bodies in the streets somebody call brand nino
Cause seeing dead gifts make my day card

Now what y'all know about Mac cause I'm murder murder
Flip em' like Burger King workers be flipping burgers
And I'm finger fucking till them niggas bust back
With the hollows it's been more dead then the others around follow
Now bite the bullet and swallow
I was tattooed with a broken wine bottle
Never die that's been my motto since 14 lottos
Got to get em' before they get em' cause if they hit me I'm gone
Skinny niggas don't love long with a bullet in their bones

Chorus x2

[Big Ed]
Now when I say Big Ed you say assassin Big Ed assassin
What's up what's happening
I keep my trigger finger blasted tank ready to roll
Picking up soldiers from rich now bringing them to the N.O.
Nigga I'm bout mine I got nines wiser up
Swolled up tagged up tagged up not giving a fuck
Nigga I'm wit' it to bring the ruckus
Busting if you touch this a No Limit soldier still got more dick than

It's a disaster blast em' specialization retaliation
Fuck who I'm facing boy bring the caroltation
Consultation begins to happen when I'm rapping
We gon' see who really asking when my hammer gets to smacking
Attacking and lacking my every vocal creates a checking
I should have been got that high control before lyrical seconds
I'm the insider probably the baddest
Greens cornbread and cabbage
Mr. watch me hit em' lit em' about to go get em'

[Mia X]
Here comes the biggest mamma  baby what you wanna do
Tank full of riders military minded soldiers
Hitting you with that hater ain't gon' get up now mo' for sho'
Combat where they at alright alright lets go
Now you gon' start it when your click is weak
When it's on we gon' give that ass a chance to retreat
Verbal heart but we could take it to the streets
Get em' up pull the thangs shoot em' up see yo people root em' up
What what run on up and as a matter of fact
Watch me put that ass down like a flag
Call the colonel yeah cause we some warriors
Dropping and stopping hollering lets go get em' nigga fuck we got em'

When it's gon' go down it's gon' go down
What's gon' happen gon' happen
Cause y'all know these T.R.U. niggas capping and slapping
We packing and macking
Y'all niggas be slacking and lacking
We smacking and stacking
Uh oh we blasted and laughing
Where my fucking money at is what we be asking
Busting on backstabers is how we be acting
If I catch you ass down is one way to put it
When we get it's gon' be banned from TV footage

Chorus x1