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Artist: Kanye West (Kenny West)
Album:  The Cleveland Show *
Song:   Rap Battle Pt. 2
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

* episode "Brotherly Love" from 2010

[Kenny West]
Fall back big boy, cause you're steppin to the best
Kenny West - test! Test! Test! 
Yo, is this thing on? Krochobok hitchcok! 
Yeah, I just dissed you in Klingon

[Cleveland Jr.]
Luccka parracka! Yeah, I speak Klingon, too!
So kiss my chocolate gunta and also hoch you 
Your flow is faded and dated deflated and constipated!
If I had to rate it - hate it! Translated, you ate it
Hey cheese ball, you've been grated
Chewed up, swallowed, and defacated
Ha, to restate it {*flips Kenny the bird*}
On the DVD this won't be pixelated! 

Damn! He got him! That's my brother! 

[Kenny West]
Alright, alright, I know you think you're so hot
Question is - can you sing like a robot? 

[Cleveland Jr.]
Yes, I can sing like a robot]

[KW] Now, y'all just witness history in the makin
[CJ] Greatest combination since eggs and bacon
[KW] Kenny West and Cleveland Junior Brown! 
[CJ] Now let's get up
[Both] And burn this mother down! {*applause*}