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Artist: Kanye West (Kenny West)
Album:  The Cleveland Show *
Song:   Rap Battle Pt. 1
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

* episode "Brotherly Love" from 2010

[Kenny West]
Whoa whoa whoa! I can't believe you showin your face around here
Especially talkin to my girl like that - I should mess you up right now!
But instead, I'm gonna take you down with my lyrics
Federstein, lay down a beat

It's Kenny sippin Henny, rhymes slicker than teflon
At Stoolbend High, I'm the black Zac Efron
And when I meet a shorty, you know, we're goin backwards
Pullin more tail than my man John Edwards
Lumpy, chunky, booger-eatin chump be
actin outta place like Hootie singin country! 
Leave my girl alone and get'cha own tenderoni
C'mon, who are we kiddin? You're used to bein lonely
{*drops the microphone*} 

[Cleveland Jr.]
I need to say something here {*mic feedback*}
{*taps mic*} Uh, hello? Can you hear me? 
Someone shoulda told you not to fuck with me!
You think you can rhyme, man? Your flo was amateur
I'ma nerd; I can smoke you with an iambic pentameter
Mess with me, homeboy? Don't wanna risk it! 
I'll burn you like Mrs. Friedman's God-awful brisket
(Well, that was uncalled for!)
Yeah how you like me now, bitch?
{*drops the microphone*}