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Artist: Kanye West
Album:  LV's & Autotune 2 Mixtape
Song:   Oprah Story
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[Intro] [Kanye West Talking]
You have to, you have to wait till the album come out my nig.
I'm tired man. I'm sick and tired. I'm just a playa playa.
Plus this is exclusive Kanye to the beat? C'mon man.
Fuck around and throw this on your instrumental shit too.
This is what I'm bout to say.

Niggas old as hell tryin' to get their rappin' on
In the club lookin' like a fuckin' chaperon
I'm in the club, posted up, yes his back is on
If not that, then a Just Blaze track is on
It's all Roc The World
We all got your girl
Copped your girl
Never gave back your girl
Watch the rap unfurl
After Beanie Mack ?
Kanye, best producer/rapper in the world
Naw Beans, I'm goin' after MCs
Show 'em that this rap thing made for me
Made for us
They bitin', they plagiarous 
They spit the style for the niggas that made it up
That's like me buyin' soul beats for my album
Dawg, I had to eat, I sold beats for my album
Now I got heat, I hold beats for my album
February 18th, reach for my album
Niggas forcin' me to keep the heater
Black strap, white handle, I got jungle fever
Black Benz, white truck and one two seater
I'm in the game, gettin' change like a parkin' meter
And since +Takeover+
It feels like the whole hood tryin' to get a Jenny Jones makeover
I got the hood on my shoulder
City on my back
They like, "Damn, I heard you chargin' 50 a track.
I mean, you can at least give me a stack.
You can't do all that hard work yourself and not give nothin' back."
You know how your shit change when your name get to buzzin'
This year alone I got two dozen new cousins
Niggas poppin' out the wood works talkin' bout "You owe me."
Momma I'm famous, niggas hate me that don't know me

[Outro] [Kanye West Talking]
I know y'all surprised and shit to see me on MTV. But keep your eyes glued to...
Wha- I don't know what channel that is out here but in Chicago it's channel 7, ABC.
You might fuck around and see me on Oprah Winfrey or somethin'.
Matter of fact, last week, true story true story true story, listen.
I got a little cold right now, true story though. 
I'm on 40th like and like, I don't know, 5th or somethin'.
I see a SUV and the window rolls down and shit. 
And this black lady from Chicago she like, 
"Yo, um, I just bought one of these in black."
You know I just got the G5 or whatever. 
She like, "I just got one of these in black. How does it drive?" 
I'm like, "It drive more like a truck then my last one." 
But yo, I'm like, "But I'm from Chicago too. Ahh, I wanna be on your show!" 
She said, "Yo, o-ohh okay. Well who are you?" 
And I told her, "I'm Kanye West."