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Artist: Kanye West
Album:  The Graduate Mixtape
Song:   Line For Line
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Yo mad niggas got dreams of the Lexus and Coupes
Got they signin' bonus and brought Tec's for the video shoot
Ayo them shits backfired before the camera man arrived
He died
For his image not let's start the scrimmage
In the first quarter
I sacked 25 MCs
By halftime, you still got rhymes
But they all diseased
They infected with 75 seconds of life left
I cremate MCs and breathe they ashes in my life's breath
In a life or death situation
I come through with the Chi representation
We'll bleed you pussies every month like ovulation
A sensation to shine through your mind
Take you from line to line

Play across the board, to rob these niggas blind
When we takin' 'em from line to line
Yo, let's react with our mind, kill the black on black crime
I be takin' it line for line