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Artist: Kanye West (Kenny West)
Album:  The Cleveland Show *
Song:   Kenny Disses Cleveland & Rallo
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

* episode "Brotherly Love" from 2010

[CJ] Who are you?
[KW] Her boyfriend!
You'd know that if you read "Out & About With Julius"
[Chanel] Not exactly, we broke up
[Julius] I gotta get to a phone!
[KW] Chanel, what are you doin' with this water balloon?
[Chanel] This is Cleveland Jr.; he's sweet and thoughtful
And he doesn't make me wait around all day
while he's off buying sunglasses with his posse!
[KW] Cleveland Jr.? There ain't nothin' "Junior" about this guy!
{*posse laughing*}
[Rallo] Ha ha ha ha! Crash and burn Jr.
This worked out better than I planned
[KW] Who is this Chia Dwarf?
[RB] What'd you just call me?
[KW] You get that tattoo from a Crackerjack box?
[RB] Yeah, why?!
{*posse laughing*}
[KW] Tell me little man; how the hell do you support
that big-ass afro, with that tiny-ass neck?
You're like a ?uestlove bobblehead
[KW] C'mon Chanel, we need to talk
[Chanel] Sorry Jr.
[CJ] Chanel wait!
Sometimes I even kiss my dad on the lips