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Artist: Kanye West f/ DJ Boom
Album:  DJ Boom Mixtape
Song:   Jigga My Nigga Freestyle
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Intro [DJ Boom]
DJ Boom, beats on streets and here with my man Kanye West
Producer of H to the Izzo, Takeover and all that. Let them know man

[Kanye West speaking]
Yo, it's Kanye to the man. Just play my shit man
Let a nigga hear somethin' finally. (Holla)
Yo, DJ Boom, back for the first time. It's really my first time yo
This is...Kanye to the. Not on the beat though
You know what I'm sayin'? ON the beat motherfuckers
What up G? What up Hop? Look, c'mon

As a shorty had a Schwinn, look that's the best bikes
Shorty had three friends, that's my best dykes
Said her best friend wanna see what Kanye West like
Cause her man dress like a transvestite
You ain't know I get a deal because I rhyme tight
Sport Rocs before your deal to be an Unsigned Hype
Give a fuck about your rippin' down some open mics
I'm gonna go ahead and give you these beats for free, psych
You rappers too lame, you ain't James, y'all ain't Worthy
I fly out to Newark just to get some New Jerseys
I be back to Chi about every two Thursdays
I can't buy water around niggas too thirsty
I can't rock ice around niggas too hatin'
Can't rock Motorola, niggas two wayin'
I Alter like Beast in an altercation
Infrared make you juke like Walter Payton
So, grand theft auto
Come up out your auto
Mobile, before I pull more steel than Soprano
Still tryin' to make more mills/meals than McDonalds
So cut my slice like Giadonos
And they did
I made 500 Gs in this
First beat on what +The Truth+ and +The Reason+ is
She told me if you read music you a gen-ius
I don't play but I'll introduce you to my pianist/pen-is
Now, tell me that's that regular producer rap
You can listen to the flow and tell I used to rap
You look in my eyes 
Think I won't use the gat?
Paramedics gotta use the bag
In my eyes, you'se the fag
You're like a hermaphrodite dyke dressed in drag
So let's see how many slugs that vest can have
And you ain't really the worst, you just next to last
Uh, Kanye to the...motherfuckin' West

Outro [Kanye West speaking]
Yo, DJ Boom, good lookin' out man
Cause ah, niggas is really doubtin'
niggas lookin' at a lot of motherfuckers they see on TV
and just figure-they be like, "Oh, you rap?"
Naw, motherfucker, I just did beats nigga
To have some shit to rap on nigga
Ha ha, I'm tryin' to understand, why the fuck if a nigga got hot beats
he can't have hot rhymes? Why is that nigga?
Why niggas just can't do a lot of shit good?
What a nigga can chew gum and tie his shoes at the same time?
Fuckin' A&Rs