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Artist: Kanye West f/ Consequence, Talib Kweli
Album:  Chain Heavy 12"
Song:   Chain Heavy
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[Kanye West]
Uh, we got the black elite in the house tonight, Rosewood!
I feel like I'm at the N-double A-C-P or something right now
Essence festival, Q-Tip on the beat too
Uh, uh

My chain heavy, yeah, yeah, my chain heavy
My chain heavy, my chain too heavy
My chain heavy, yeah, yeah, my chain heavy
My chain heavy, my chain too heavy
They tried to tell me my chain broke the levy/levee
Maybe cause it's flooded
Why you walking round with a baby cross his cousin?
My teeth already white, y'all gon' make me floss for nothing
My teeth real diamonds, what's the cause of the fronting?
Why y'all got all caps on?
Don Cheadle time, get extra black on 'em
Burn Hollywood burn
Take too long for niggas to get they turn
Probably be cremated before I get my urn
They tried to tell me that aliens built the pyramids
I swear life's a bitch, on her period
For every inch they cut the nose off the Sphinx
I make my jeweler add a few more links
You can look at me, don't give a fuck what nobody think
and my face always looking like somebody stinks

[Chorus: Kanye West]
My chain heavy, yeah, yeah, my chain heavy
My chain heavy, my chain too heavy
My chain heavy, yeah, yeah, my chain heavy
My chain heavy, my chain too heavy
Here we go, like we should
Feel the sweat, on your face
Here we go, like we should
Feel the sweat, on your face
Alright, okay
Here we go, like we should
Like we should, like we should
Like we should

[Kanye West]
Question, what color was the skin of the man who beared the cross?
No matter how many lashes, they couldn't beat it off
How many Cassius will we see in one lifetime?
That's why it's Miles Davis, Kobe it's Mike time
I keep that gold book on an ottoman
and wrote hooks about slaves that was slaughtered
in the eighteen-hundreds, y'all forget
that I got called nigga on Twitter so many times yo I live that
Now I'm just tryna find where to raise my kids at
cause they don't want niggas next to where they crib at
Hey Realtor, I'm looking for a nice park
Twelve noon, she said my family gon' make it too dark
This is the flow that solar eclipses
So hopefully one day that real soul will eclipse
the bullshit they got us listening to, in this existence
Don't give up now, just a little more persistence
I am the day Ice Cube met Michael Jackson
Keep 'em away huh? Something might happen
This is the making of a masterpiece
So we broke out the chains and told the master "peace"

[Chorus: Kanye West]

[Talib Kweli]
Some wear a suit and tie, they don't wanna remain average
Some wear a suit and tie like a chain and straight jacket
My chain heavy, stop in that traffic, coppers harass us
The DA attack us, want us in chains like B.A. Baracus
Son a major factor in my decision to be a rapper
was rebellion, being anti-establishment was attractive
to a black kid from Brooklyn, flames got them thangs cooking
Land of the juks where the lames get their chains tooken
It ain't looking good for you if you a tourist here
Sometimes our rhymes are on a frequency that only purists hear
A couple rappers tried to beef with me, nobody scared
Niggas was so fucking corny that nobody cared
Why I gotta battle rappers? I debate scholars
Question, do it gotta make sense/cents if it make dollars?
Sick visions is living inside our brains
It's like a sadomasochistic addicted to whips and chains
Figuratively, quite literally, clinically insane
Spit flames when I visit the higher plane
Try in vain to ignore it, don't buy the chain if you can't afford it
'Ye them a load of whores by the board's trust

Uh, that old ball and chain had me chained up for weeks
So of course I'm off the chain as soon as I hit the streets
And now when we link, she saying the game's over
I drove her crazy and she became a chain smoker
Now the new dude she saying that could stay over
should be a chain who goes by the name of Choker
That's what he did when she told him he should play the sofa
So the chain's on the door, I'm on the way over
But when I came over, his only response
was you must be the owner of a chain of restaurants
Cause I'ma eat your food for that chain that I want
cause you be running round like the chain makes the man
So it's obvious that he don't know the chain of command
cause my chain commands that kind of respect
And it's so chunky that it's a pain in the neck
But it came with a check, I remember on chaining day
it spoke for itself, and this is what the chain would say
Them chain snatchers are hoping that you ain't ready
So don't get distracted, keep your aim steady
or there'll be a chain reaction since my chain's heavy

[Chorus: Kanye West]