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Artist: Kanye West f/ Consequence, Patti Labelle
Album:  Graduation
Song:   Anything *
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* iTunes bonus track

[Kanye West]
I mean wow. You know? Man

Lookin' out my loft window my dreams done became true
Lookin' at the mirror, wondering if it's the same dude
Lookin' at my closet wondering if it's all about clothes
Look right next to me, wondering if it's all about hoes
Hop in the car and asked the OnStar where this life goes
And I drive so fast I blur the light post
They say Drive Slow, I say "I know"
Then errrr, away I go
And the way I flew
In this year or two
I know this is what God put me here to do
But in this excitement
You just might miss
A shorty with a demo like "Hey, you might like this"
And see
Remind me of me
Just a year ago
Now he
Tellin' me
I'm his hero
I took his CD and asked him what he's lookin' for
He said, "Man, I don't know. Maybe a miracle"

[Patti Labelle]
Time, they say (true story)
There ain't no way
Your dreams are gonna see the light of day
Don't believe
You can achieve 
Whatever you're after
Can't we stay
By the simple minds
That wanna hold you down
And in his time
When you
Get with
We'll be not far behind

[Chorus: Patti Labelle]
When you listen to the sermons
Better ask the Lord for guidance
When we say the many blessings
Blessings you haven't seen
Gonna give Him all the glory
You can do anything

Look at my injured hand 
My shoulder I know he's been warning me
To stay out the clubs where the police and warrants be
Cause that will lead to prison where the inmates and wardens be
But a lot of times we follow them when we know we ought to leave
Or stay up in the party when we know that we ought to leave
But the women be callin' me
The liquor be callin' me
? Cons took a stripper named Diamond
And he gonna be conflicted no different than diamonds
And the Lord is the only one that he can confide in
So I don't know that you think that can deny Him
I open up the Book and the message is clear
I still be in the hood so the pressure is there
You could grab that fast money just to get out of Queens
You could add up the work that they give out to fiends
But that ain't gonna work if I say what I mean
Cause at the end of the day I'm trying to Get Out my Dreams