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Artist: Kanye West f/ Dwele
Album: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
Song: Power
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[Verse 1 - Kanye West]
I'm living in that 21st century
Doing something mean to it
Do it better than anybody you've ever seen do it
Scream from the haters, got a nice ring to it
I guess every superhero needs his theme music

[Chorus  Kanye West]
No one man should have all that power
The clock's ticking, I just count the hours
Stop tripping I'm tripping off the power
(21st Century Schizoid Man)

[Verse 2 - Kanye West]
The system broken, the school closed, the prison opened
We ain't got nothing to lose, Ma'fucka we rolling
Huh? Ma'fucka we rolling
There's some light skinned girls and some Kelly Rowlands
In this white mans' world, we the ones chosen
So goodnight cruel world, I see you in the morning
Huh? I see you in the morning
This is way too much, I need a moment

[Chorus  Kanye West]
No one man should have all that power
The clocks ticking
I just count the hours
Stop trippin I'm tripping off the power
Til then, fuck that, the world's ours

And then they (Go)
And then they
And then they (Go)
And then they (21st Century Schizoid Man)

[Verse 3 - Kanye West]
Fuck S N L and the whole cast
Tell them Yeezy said they can kiss my whole ass
More specifically, they can kiss my asshole
I'm an asshole, you niggas got jokes
You short-minded niggas thoughts is Napoleon
My is furs is Mongolian, my ice brought the goalies in
Now I embody every characteristic of the egotistic
He know, he so, fucking gifted
I just needed time alone with my own thoughts
Got treasures in my mind, but couldn't open up my own vault
My childlike creativity, purity and honesty 
Is honestly being crowded by these grown thoughts
Reality is catching up with me
Taking my inner child, I'm fightin for custody
But these responsibilities that they entrust in me
As I look down at my dia-mond-encrusted piece thinking

[Chorus  Kanye West]

Verse 4
Hova, Powers, Austin, Powers
Lost in translation with a whole fucking nation
They say I was the abomination of Obama's nation
Well that's a pretty bad way to start a conversation
At the end of the day, Goddamnit I'm killing this shit
I know damn well y'all feeling this shit
I don't need your pussy bitch, I'm on my own dick
I ain't got to power trip, who you going home with?
How 'Ye doin? I'm surviving
I was drinking earlier now I'm driving
Where the bad bitches, huh? Where ya hiding?
I got the power make your life so exciting

[Outro  Kanye West & Dwele] x3
Now this will be a beautiful death
Dropping out the window
I'm letting everything go
I'm letting everything go

You got the power the let power go?