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Artist: Kanye West & Jay-Z f/ Bon Iver, Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross, Charlie Wilson
Album:  My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
Song:   Monster
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[Intro: Justin Vernon of Bon Iver]
Iiiiiiii shoot the lights out
Hiiiiiiide 'til it's bright out
Whooooooooa, just another lonely night
Are you willing to sacrifice your life? 
(WAHHHHHHHHHH!!) {*roars*}

[Rick Ross]
Bitch, I'm a monster, no-good blood sucker
Fat motherfucker, now look who's in trouble
As you run through my jungle, all you hear is rumbles
Kanye West sample, here's one for example

[Chorus: Kanye West]
Gossip gossip, nigga just stop it
I'ma need to see ya fuckin hands at the concert
I'ma need to see ya fuckin hands at the concert
Profit profit, nigga I got it
Everybody know I'm a motherfuckin monster
I'ma need to see ya fuckin hands at the concert
I'ma need to see ya fuckin hands..

[Kanye West]
Uh, the best living or dead hands down, huh
Less talk, more head right now, huh
And my eyes more red than the devil is
And I'm 'bout to take it to another level, bitch
It's nada who you go and get, ain't nobody as cold as this
Do the rap, and the track, tripled up and no assist
And my only focus is, stayin on some bogus shit
Argue with my older bitch, ackin like I owe her shit
I heard the preacher sayin raps are gettin trap, mayne
Bought the chain that always give me back pain
Fuckin up my money so, yeah I had to act sane
Chi nigga, but heís holdin up my ac-cent
She came up to me and said, "This the number 2 gal"
If you wanna make it number one, you're number two now
This that Goose and Malibu I call it Maliboo-yah
Goddamn, Yeezy~! How I hit em with the new style?
Know that mothafucka well, what you gon' do now?
Whatever ever I wanna do - GOSH! It's cool now
Dah-gunna do, UNGH! Sa-noo nawh
Think you motherfucka really really need to cool down (naaaow)
'Cause you will never get on top off this
So mami, best advice is to get on top of this
Have you ever had sex with a pharooooo-ahhh?
I put the pussy in a sarcophagus!
Now she claimin I bruise her esophagus
Head of the class and she just want a swallow-ship
I'm livin the future, so the present is my past
My presence is a present, kiss my ass!


Sasquatch, Godzilla, King Kong, Lochness 
Goblin, ghoul, a zombie with no conscience
Question: What do these things all have in common?
Everybody knows I'm a motherfuckin monster!
Conquer, stomp ya, stop your silly nonsense
Nonsense, none of you niggaz know where the swamp is
None of you niggaz have seen the carnage that I've seen
I still hear fiends scream, in my dreams
Murder murder in black convertibles
I, kill a block, I murder the avenues, ah!
Rape and pillage a village, women and children
Everybody wanna know what my Achilles' heel is
LOVE! I don't get enough of it
All I get is these vampires and blood suckers
All I see is these niggaz I made millionnaires
Millin about, spillin they feelings in the air
All I see is these fake fucks with no fangs
Tryna draw blood with my ice cold veins
{*sniffs*} I smell a massacre
Seems to be the only way to back you bastards up {*roars*}


[Nicki Minaj]
Pull up in a monster automobile, gangsta
wit a bad bitch that came from Sri Lanka
Yeah, I'm in that Tonka, color of Willy Wonka
You could be the king, but watch the queen conquer
Okay first things first, I'll eat your brains
Then I'ma start rockin gold teeth and fangs
'Cause that's what a motherfuckin monster do
Hairdresser from Milan, that's the monster 'do
Monster Giuseppe heel, that's the monster shoe
Young Money is the roster and a monster crew
And I'm all up, all up, all up, in the bank with the funny face
And if I'm fake, I ain't notice 'cause my money ain't!!!
So let me get this straight - Wait, +Iím+ the rookie?
But my features and my shows ten times your pay?
50k for a verse, no album OUT!
Yeah my moneyís so tall that my Barbieís gotta climb it!
Hotter than a Middle Eastern cli-mate, find it 
Tony Matterhorn, +Dutty Wine+ it, wine it
Nicki on dem titties when I sign iiiiiiiiit-AH!
How these niggas so one-track mind-ed
But really really I don't give a F-U-C-K
Forget Barbie, fuck Nicki, so she's fake
Sheís on a diet, but my POCKETS EATIN CHEESECAKE!
And Iíll say, "Boy, the Chucky is Childís Play"
Just killed another career, it's a mild day
Besides ĎYe they canít stand besides meh
I think me, you and {Amber} should menage Friday
P-P-Pink wig, thick ass, give 'em whiplash
I t-t-think big, get cash, make 'em blink fast
N-N-Now look at what you just saw! This is what you live f-f-for!

[Outro (Repeated 3X): Justin Vernon of Bon Iver] (w/ Uncle Charlie Wilson harmonizing)
I-I, crossed the line, line
And Iíll, Iíll let God decide, 'cide
I,I wouldn't last these shows
So I, I am headed home