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Artist: Kanye West
Album:  Freshman Adjustment
Song:   Gossip Files
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Niggaz is gossipin' across the city
They don't know why Gin & 'em ain't comin' to get me
So I hit the block and do about sixty
And I put my glocks' to 'dem like blaow, blaow, blaow

[Verse 1]
I'm fin to get on this TV and put shit down
I ain't fin to let these light skin niggaz come back in style
I'm fin to turn this class clown shit to crazy-D
They told my mamma I was bipolar; had ADD
I told 'em wha - what I wanna do
I wanna be a baller; the dream spoilers' will fault ya
Haten' on you, till they mans' on the corners
Old folks said he'd never make it off the corner
They are the virus that corrupts your soul
They are the cubic zirconia's inside the 10K gold
That get green on ya, when you get green on 'em
Ya gotta wash your hands up and get clean on 'em
Somebody told me that success was the best revenge
So they gonna be fuct up; when you do your thing on 'em
And hold your plaques high like – who would have thought?
And tell 'em, “hmm, hmm, hmm – thank you for your no support”

They are the dream killaz [*killa, killa*]
They the dreams killaz [*killa, killa*]
Who know a dream?    [*killa, killa*]
They are the.. *Killa Norman Bates* - O.D.B. sample
They the dream killaz  [*killa, killa*]
They the dreams killaz [*killa, killa*]
- dream [*killa, killa*]
      - they the.. *Killa Norman Bates* - O.D.B. sample

[Verse 2]
Now how you gone' talk about the way I spend my money
Everybody say it with me now, “it's my money”
And they know they hatin' - but what they don't know is
They are my motivation, they are my inspiration
Cause we they leaders & they the followers
And we the nut-bustaz' & they the swallowers'
They are the rumors; they are the lies
We are the shit dog & they the flies
How you gonna tell me how to live my life
And ya can't even get'cha own shit tight - right?
They are the misery, that love company
Cause that comfortable, corporate job can't comfort me
Told I 'em I finished school then started my own business
They said, “oh you graduated?” – No, I decided I was finished
Chasin' y'all dreams and what you got planned
Now I spit it so hot, you got tanned
And they hate on your relationship then break your marriage up
Can't kill your dreams so they assassinate ya character
Do anything to down-play ya or embarrass ya
Come around with ya but they ain't down with ya

They are the dream killaz (1st)
-	they the.. *Killa Norman Bates* - O.D.B. sample (8th)

[Verse 3]
And I'm through spittin' these rappers; my-own, don't talk they flow
They be like, “that's cool, you got some beats for me though?”
Oh I get it – you wanna be Snoop & Dr. Dre –
But don't nobody give a fuck, what'chu got to say
Anyway – what'chu fin to rap about?
You never sold crack out'cha house; or put a gat to a mouth
or put your first to yo' spouse – so how you fin to move the crowd?
“I'll bet a thousand that you get booed out!”
I even heard that they even takin' wages in jail
They bettin' 10 box of cigarettes' that I'm fin to fail
Thinkin' he talkin' bout peace – they gone' be like peace?
This nigga came from the Chi and moved to the East
He gotta kill at least one person at least
They will evict you from they rap game – cancel your lease
How you go to New York – aint't-chu ever took a tour there?
What'chu don't know you gotta be rich, just to be poor there?

[Outro - repeats]
Niggaz is gossipin across the city
They don't know why Gin & 'em ain't comin' to get me
So I hit the black and do about sixty
And I put my glocks to them like blaow, blaow, blaow

[*Killa Norman Bates* - O.D.B. sample]