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Artist: Jigmastas f/ Sadat X
Album:  Infectious
Song:   Don't Get it Twisted
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(Tap Dance sample)

[Sadat X]
My ruule of thumb is that finesse come first
Before I thirst, I burst and that'll be worst
What's your beef about?
Nothing to lose no sleep about
Creep around town in a jeep lean-green
Smash me sixteen
Need a dope-fiend-lean
Clean your vein
Seam your brain
We full metal in the borough
My niggaz be like: Yo, X! Go from with this main line
There's thin line between seeing and a blind
She was so unkind
I gave her money and she wasn't buying
Nah, was like the broad was mine
Police in the Bronx gave me the hardest time
In the shadow of the city where Babe played
My niggaz stay in slave
But then there is always rebels
Me spitting grim
He ?mobile? me a slim
I do this for my leasure
?As a case of whim?

[Chorus - 2X]
Borough to borough
Day to day we neck-deep up in the grind, see and you shall find
That real shit
Examine the label, avoide the bootleg
Why risk it?
Dat X and J-I-G's
Don't get it twisted

[MC Kriminal]
I'm noted for that hardcore rap
Non-fiction and pure fact
For that neck-breaking bounce like you're travelling on horseback
What your jaws jab?
It's consequential
Get your jaws tapped
I made you draw back
No need to question what caused that
We could brawl, black
See who be the first to fall flat
Punks get beat down, yes I do it for all that
X marks the spot, now I'ma take game
And set flames to it, drain fluids
Stop your flow, autograph my name to it
Skate through the city, blow smoke out the sunroof
?Command? respect from crabs with minimum gun use
Confront you if you wan't to go there
Niggaz never believe shit 'til the have to use hands to roll chair
It's so clear why your wife wan't it up the box
Love to shop, met her in the mall invested all your stock
Was a hot item for a minute
But I had the ?Gilligans?
I switched focus trying get this money in ????

[Chorus - 2X]

[Sadat X]
Who ready to get hit with these eight balls of poison?
Who can face it?
What you going to chase it with after I lace it?
I tell my cats one thing: The first time is basic
All hail the great Dat X the King
I don't give a fuck about your chain or bullshit ring
Sometime my cats are so thirst to hustle their thing
I dare nigga try come around and try shine and bling for real
But this just how I feel

[MC Kriminal]
Touching on that topic, is like I feel the same way X
Mad rappers are all flossed dropping that lame reign text
Who they trying impress?
Real niggaz, we ain't phased by it
Got dimwitted birds in the club, I guess they buy it
I stay solid 'cause we got that authentic shit
Niggaz know when we swing, It'll be that underground hit
No matter what you clowns spit
How many rounds in your clip
X-man and Kriminal, you've never sound as good as this

[Chorus - 2X]