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Artist: Jay-Z
Album:  Magna Carta... Holy Grail
Song:   Beach Is Better
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Hit ya ass on the celly - cause I ain't got time (time, time)
To be arguin with yo' ass, if you ain't really ready
Girl, why you never ready? For as long as you took you better look like Halle Berry
... or Beyoncé, shit, then we gettin married
I brought sand to the beach cause my beach is better
You can keep your beach cause that beach whatever
Started out at The Darby, ended up at 1 Oak (Oak)
Left the house with 100 grand, ended up near broke
Don't get mad at me, I'm buyin bucket after bucket, when it's gone I'm like fuck it
I'll replace it with another one, uh
Can't take this money with you, burn this shit up like I'm Richard
Niggaz askin is the oven on, uh