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Artist: Jay-Z and Sauce Money
Album:  DJ Rhude Presents Jay-Z - B.C. (Before the Roc)
Song:   Nuthin But Love
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They don't be knowin the way I be flowin
When I be goin, I be running the track like Jesse Owens
I disrupt the natural scheme, the way that you do things 
wit a swing and have 'em rockin like, Sting
You say never, you run, if ever you come
It's never you run so fast in your life to never have won
Come on and ride the rhythm, I produce like jizm
Just like the gods I start with knowledge and follow with wisdom
For greater understanding, I'm landin, blows and
knockin sense into those that oppose me, ha!
Enticin when slicing through tracks
You're screaming, "Jesus Christ is back and God knows he can rap"
Me and Sauce put rhythm on the map, so give him his dap
And me, I just take mine, gimme those, gimme this, gimme that, FUCK that!
Gimme love, nigga...
Sauce Money in the house like..

[Sauce Money]
I don't NEVER plan to fall! Sauce is all-out 
or nothin, I brawl, drag niggaz like RuPaul
With the funky drummer drummin, I'm never slummin
I summon orgasms so I can show you how I'm comin
I bang boots, dispute ranks, and execute ganks 
to bank loot, while your mind shoot blanks
Dig it, fatal since I was a street natal
Able to drop heavy since the cradle
Cookin biters who nibble on my hooks get 'em deep in the files
A +Boyz n Da Hood+, watch the +Fish-burne+ from furious styles
Never was right but I made it through wrong
Said we waited too long went back in the lab and created new songs
New styles I stock 'em for new chicks to jock 'em
Your group when I rock 'em once, ?spiders? watch to clock 'em
A cut and above the best street life struttin to show
Put 'em to the test cause we ain't got nuthin but love

[Jay-Z] (Sauce Money)
For all my grimys in Crooklyn - (nuthin but love)
And all my peoples Uptown - (nuthin but love)
And all my niggaz all around - (nuthin but love)
To all my peeps in hell - (nuthin but love)
Bitches who fuck and don't tell - (nuthin but love)
For all you niggaz that's WACK! - (nuthin but love)
For keepin our shit FAT~! - (nuthin but love)
Sauce Money, Jay-Z (nuthin but love)
Here we go again

[Sauce Money]
What you about to feel, you can't doubt the real threat
Peace to all my niggaz without a deal yet
And that's comin from the streets cause we ain't got nuthin but love
Peace to the brothers who keep us in ghetto blood

Here's a stamp and seal away, we build, fuck the tramp
who got my man knocked, to real, ain't nuthin but love, champ
The Jigga, Sauce Money representin one time
Strike three, we out, but never out of your mind