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Artist: The Jet Age of Tomorrow f/ Kilo Kish
Album:  The Journey to the 5th Echelon
Song:   I Want You Still
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I had a dream about you the other day
Do you want to hear about it? Okay...

[Kilo Kish]
Thinking of you, the other day
I missed how everything used to be
When the, sky was green with periwinkle trees
Screaming on the sun, six thousand degrees
I remember, the way it felt
Walking barefoot, we let the ice cream melt
Burning down cities with the fires we kept
We carried guns and we fought to the death
How dare you carry on
with your stupid life like we don't belong
in our own brigade, camous and grenades
Sitting in the shad,e drinking pink lemonade
Hardwood floors, cardboard box
All night long, hip-hop rocks!
MJ in the kitchen slide around your socks
I don't know, the whole thing... stopped

Umm... I feel like I, just
eat way too much sugar before I go to sleep
Something... I don't know
Check your belly? Anyway

[Kilo Kish]
Pardon me, this is New York City
All my girlfriends say I'm way too pretty
to be crying over some whack-ass nigga
They all have boyfriends though, so go figure~!
And so that leaves me at this place
that every time I look at your fucking face
I wonder if you ever even miss me at all
I say no, but it's your call
I find myself just zoning out
Feeling all alone and without a doubt
I'm staring at the sun, I hope my eyes fall out
I know, it's kinda harsh but...
I bet it'd feel about the same
as it does every time I hear your name
And that stupid-ass sound, that it makes
I don't know even know who's life... to tak

Me or you... you or me
I don't know, it's just, nightmares are
driving me crazy I
can't even deal anymore, okay?

I want you still {*3X*}
I hate you but, I want you still
I want you still {*2X*}
I want you
I hate you but, I want you
Blah blah blah blah