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Artist: Jesse Abraham
Album:  One Day
Song:   Written While Sittin' on a Hammock
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[Verse 1]
You could pro'lly catch me runnin at a fast pace, coming outa last place
Loving in the rat race
Becoming a giraffe takes growth & I don't lack faith
Nope I never lactate
Heart inside a glass case
Never pressing backspace
Straighter than a back brace
I don't have a masked face
Read it on a faxed page
You should get your facts straight
All I do is embrace
Love the way a stem tastes
Taller than dikembe
Never mind what your friends say
You aren't in 10th grade
You can be a sensei
You can eat some tempeh every single Wednesday
Ok? Comprende?
I don't need no ash trays
I ain't getting cats spayed
I don't go to cafes
All I say is

You want it
You got it
You get it
You need to feed it  x4
You saw it
You plotted
You hit it
You need to feed it x4

[Verse 2]
You can be an outcast
You can even outlast
A bombastic bomb blast
The future will be long past
Time could move so darn fast you'll be like, “it's gone? dag”
Foreal, it is beyond flash
Life is like a long dash
Be nice to your mom & dad
Drink out of a brown bag
Think of a profound fact
Blink and never doubt that
That is just my advice
I've never had head lice
I like to eat bread slices
I remember Greg Nice
Music was my friend
I used to listen in silence
Then the truth it fled “bye”
Everything I read twice
Ok what's ahead?
I is
Open up and spread wide
I ain't talking legs
I'm talkin bout your head's eyelids


[Verse 3]
Whether you're latino or you're from Tokyo, Rio or from Reno
You are my amigo
Everyone, all people
Sorry to sound emo
I eat jalepenos, you go to casinos, you went through some chemo
We are all the same though, me and Galileo we all count 2, 3, 4
Life is like a free throw, looking through the keyhole everyone is neo
I am finding Nimo
Swimming in the free flow
Bring me home like depot
Everywhere that we go,
Everything that we know
This song is bout your ego
This song is bout your ego this song is bout your ego this song is
bout your ego so we go