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Artist: Jesse Abraham
Album:  One Day
Song:   Njoy the Intro
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Yeah I'm out that Tribeca
Now I live in Brooklyn
The city, it is my mecca
I recognize that the eyes that're looking at the lines and the hooks
in my rhymes in my books been reading like Ruxbin
Teddy Grahams
Steady hands
Ready fam?
Any man fuxin
Or fixin to mix with this magician will just be gone like fishin
I'm the Juan like Dixon
Listen, fiction isn't in my mission
I don't make spread sheets on excel
But I excel at making beds squeak well
And when I do spread sheets I use a new technique
A few heads seem to be confused at me
I'm a dude that speaks about the truth plenty
My room's empty
Just a few stems, seeds
I've got a window with a view that's sweet
Got a blue red streak
I see through legs, knees, heads need twenties when they sittin on chrome
Bentleys, man please
I be sittin at home
In will-i-amsburg
They call me clark kent avenue
(Are you bein real?) I am sir
I step into the DJ Booth, pull off my suit in a frenzy
Emerge as a superhero emcee
I'm super flavor man, my suit has got some tapered pants
I got a laser made of razors and I keep it stashed
Nah there's no weapons in my arsenal just persons who report to me so
I can thwart the evil, nothing personal
I'm burstin bubbles trouble's in trouble I'll make em struggle
And what'll become of all the clowns who really hate to juggle
Positives and negatives
I'm the one who begs to live
Talking's so repetitive so sedatives are what medics give
It's 360 for me I move with these degrees I choose simply to be a new
form of pedigree
Even your pet agrees I got the world begging me to set em free
I hold the key to the f-u-t-u-r-e
You are me
Shit, there's a new army
And I'm the admiral holding you up but still got two arms free
Now that's admirable but i'm too defiant to just keep flying
While I'm laughing, passing ya'll who keep crying
Like little Michelle
Stephanie, or DJ
Booth, table, stool
Seat me anywhere, I'm easy
Put it on replay
I'm open and hoping for someone to show me the ropes with no delay
What the hell did he say?
Nothing that was cliché
I never decay or betray facts
I never wear DK or TJ Max
How much that cost on ebay? Quince?
Please say that we say
That's not what you think I'm doin, screwin with my free time
I'm Patrick Jewing chewing on some key lime pie, squared
I'm here, monfreir
Don't you even go there
Me without a mic is like a seat without a chair
And I repeat that I don't care because I'm here just to share
So njoy
With no "e"
It's no free
But so be it
It's no secret
But be quiet anyway
Shouts to my sister Jenny, yay