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Artist: The Jaz f/ Jay-Z
Album:  Ya Don't Stop EP
Song:   It's That Simple
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("To the beat y'all, check it out y'all") {12X}

[The Jaz] (Jay-Z) {both}
Hey yo, let's begin with the beginning - (The start)
Let's get deep within it - (The heart)
Partner (Yeah) You gotta partner? (No)
Don't be sarcastic, partner! (Okay partner, let's go)
(Who's superior?) Opposed to who?
(The inferior, we are the two enterprise clock seri-ous)
You mean we're in the barrier 
of the better area causing havoc and hysteria?
 {Yeah, whatever French, yeah we in there
  Like an 8-room pad with an upstairs}
(Props are up here, yeah and they'll stay here)
Where else they're gonna go, dear?
(So ride the rhythm) C'mon, c'mon a-widdit
(With the big foot fathom) umm-mmm, nuh-uh, forget it
 {The jitters we split it down to the end, you'll
 never see us sweat, it's just that simple}

("To the beat y'all, check it out y'all") {12X}
("Y-Y, You don't stop")

[The Jaz]
Jaz recites with simplicity
It ain't a mystery how I-I take publicity
That's positive got props risin
A s-s-soothing like lotion on dry skin
Me and my man Jay-Z my partner, we start the 
flip flop lyrics, when you hear it, it's kinda hard to..
not sway, dumb resist to stay away from 
Suckas try to say some, maybe another day sons
Next you give facts, didn't wanna flex 
But it ain't complex to the brothers with the complex, intellects
On tours most applause and move to dancefloors 
Maybe sometimes we break chores
Get your butts off the wall, kids
Cause the fact of the matter is the track that Prince Paul did
Laced like colors on a silkscreen Sophie on the sofa
You know what I mean? Baby scoot over!
See I'm here to report we never took sorts
We hold down the fort for sport
Marcy, Tompkins, Fort Greene ya sucked in
LG's sell enough push we can roll so though
Cookin homebase Brooklyn ya break and get bent
Jaz and Jay-Z represent
Draw be quick take some chatter face be nimble
and we'll pull the old {?} school, it's that simple


Freestyle rhymes are easy to come by
A pen and a pad when it comes to this one guy
Some try to lead tongue-tied, cause they flow like 
not I and felt the breeze when I shot by
I get props cause I rep broke
When someone ask you to step, know, I wreck so yo
Check, go to the next line it seems sensible
For a dope beat, you seek the Prince Paul
It's so simple to one {?} to the alike
of people who like things done right
You can let go, intro to the insult
Emcees are perpetual when Jay lets the pen flow
And it's laid back, Paul make sure it's stay back
It's just that simple, play a track 
with these the J-A-Y-Z too ease
Still treatin new emcees like news lead
Together wit the Jaz top grads
You got the plot? Get ready to lock gas
To tell the truth Paul I'm ready to rip the booth off
Make room for the new force ,the true boss
Let off your vest, fail to amaze me kid 
Whatchu wanna be? Jaz and Jay-Z is, on top
Never know when to, retire never perspire, it's just that simple