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Artist: J Dilla f/ Common, D'Angelo
Album:  The Shining
Song:   So Far to Go
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[Intro - D'Angelo]
Ohhh, ohhhh...
I wanna get closerrrrrr to you baby...
Ohhhh, ohhhh, ohhhh...
Ohhhh, ohhhh, ohhhh...

[Chorus: D'Angelo]
You have come so far
You've got so far to go... (Yeah)
You have come so far
You've got so far to go...(Yeah)


Let go, and let me live inside you
What your mouth don't say, baby your thighs do..
I want us to arrive to -
gether, I love it when the weather
is wet and sticky, some depict me
as being conscious, yeah I use my head
It was you that fed, my appetite for seduction
Bitin and cussin, makin love and uh! [*exhales*]
Touchin where no one has ever touched before
The heat, got you open like an oven door
Because of your innocence
even more you'll remember this, hardcore gentleness..
Before you wasn't into this
On the ride, your freak became limitless...
Holdin on to the night and me tight
as we write on the walls...a story called 'Go'

[Chorus w/ variations and echoes]

Ooooooooooh baby! (yeah, yeah)

[piano break that continues beautifully over Common's next verse]

I love it when we do it, you do it like you believe it
Able to give and receive it with openness
Emotions just spill
I'm givin you something that you can feel, it's hard to stay still..
Rubbin your desires up against mine
I feel you shakin, I'm thinkin that next time
My fingers on the hook of your neck..
Deep in your eyes is a look of respect
Soft wet brown sugar, mixed with cinnamon..
said you learnin to trust men again
If this is love, made our self
is made for you to feel empowered at the same time helpless
You dealt with a lot and your screams and moans
Somethin 'bout you go off that I see I'm home
For we don't have to think no more - it's synchronicity and raw
and this is what I came here for, uh

[Chorus 2X]

[D'Angelo repeats]
Go on..

[Chorus 4X]

[J Dilla plays piano throughout instrumental break as faint conversation is
heard as song fades]