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Artist: Jake One f/ Elzhi, Royce Da 5'9"
Album:  White Van Music
Song:   Glow
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I glow
I shine, I flicker
I streak, I sparkle, I gleam, I glitter
I glow
I shimmer, I flare
I flash, I floss, I glisten, I glare
I Glow
G to the L to the O
I'm comin' through on the low
I glow, I shine, I flicker

I streak, I sparkle, I gleam, I glitter

[Verse One: Elzhi]
You can't stop me from shinin'
Extreme and bright
It seems I write beams of light
I spit it out and watch a star from the block glide
Each bar of it is like carbon monoxide
You can't handle the glare
You look between hand and you'll stare at the man in red animal hair
You tryin' to front like your rhymin' ain't
Cut like a diamond shape
With timin' who I got to accommodate?
Feel in charge of killin' squads
Still the Sarge and General
Fiendin' to blow a minimal
Of a million large
Make you vomit, word to Muhammad
Islamic, my pens blowin' like comets when I palm it
Jottin' down lines that conceal electricity
Thinkin' with light bulbs
Over me blinkin'
I just begun to pot the runnin' spot
Stun you not
Like I shot a hundred watt 
Son is hot


[Verse Two: Elzhi]
Create an illy scene
Here's what I really mean
I make the whole city glow like the video for Billy Jean
Posses it
I was destine to be florescent
You less slick
I guess it's just the finesse that you blessed with
Got correct lines
To do what effect's mines
The kind that eject fine 
Electronic music
When I, blaze the art
Switch your small brain waves apart
With grace because I'm laser sharp
To faze ya
I know you saw the flow slaughterin'
You switched to flame 
To melt, the same as throwin' water on a witch
I'ma live wire for hire
Fire you an entire splurch
So jump up and get blew out like fire works
I clearly glow
Electrifyin' as Mystirium
Theories show
Materials blow inside the stereo
I'm nasty
Heads just send me to be flashy
Cash me
Out amounts
I'm about cashin' the last G

I glow

[Royce Da 5'9"]
The midwest in the buildin'
We shinin' from here to St. Louie back to Chicago
I flow
I'm so pro
I could go fast go slow for you hoes no
Watch me
If you livin' Islamic or Christian 
You are now about to witness 
The strength of knowledge and wisdom
I'm never outta position
I play my position above backboard
El and Royce is back for
Plaques nigga
This shit a breeze
All the Mark K parve to chill the sleeves
Five finger shoppin' at Louie
Get up the sprees
Dorado in the air, I'm bout it
Give up to speed
Get's my stray on
My mistress I spray on
Watchin' the Pistons at the same floor they play on
Play on
We on the wood nigga pray on
Physically good in the hood 
Niggas in the hood be like, "They on"
God lit a fuse with me
And you the best rapper is just news to me
The rhyme potent
This nine totin' 
Best rapper from the D
Since the death of the late great Deshaun Holden