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Artist: J-Zone f/ Devin the Dude
Album:  A Job Ain't Nuttin' But Work
Song:   Greater Later
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[Chorus: Devin the Dude]
It's gonna be greater later
It's gonna be fine
It just take a little time

[J-Zone Speaking]
Damn cousin. Why you eatin' a turkey neck sand which for?
What's on your mind nigga? Shit

[Verse One: Devin the Dude]
Spittin' out the spinal cord of a turkey neck
Waitin' for the phone to ring but ain't no work yet
Get up off the couch, take a shit and I think
Of how I'm gonna go the whole day without a drink
While I'm writin'
I get excited about the weed that I have
Up two days straight, maybe I need me a bath
It seems that I'm trapped
In a life that I love
I might get a buzz
You know acceptance from the critics and skeptics
I hop off in the car, but the car won't start
My transmission needs fixin'
My shit won't go forward
So I reverse it all the way to the shop
And get out
I ask him to fix it (naw, no dice man)
Check my brakes, it's hard to stop
(Hell no nigga, gimmie my money)
I jog back to my house
I ask him to hold onto my keys
I'll pay you man, c'mon please
It's 32 degrees 
And all I have is this turtle neck sweater
And this cold weather
I know it's gonna get better

[Chorus: x2]

[J-Zone speaking]
Damn man. I definitely can relate to you. I'm goin' through some shit myself
Give me a little bit of that turkey neck sand which. It looks pretty good
Fuck it

[Verse Two: J-Zone]
I dig deep into my pockets all my bucks is spent
I'm diggin' deeper and still comin' up with lent
I got three parking tickets
That's three fifteen
I owe the city, so I go hustle some beat CDs
Gave out ten last week
Sounds sweet to me
But they all wantin' beats for free
I need cash and a 9 to 5 ain't an option to get some
I've been fired more times then George Jetson
So I'm waitin' by the phone

Can I speak to J-Zone

Talkin' bout he paid me a G to come and play this show
I'm out the door
In the route to Manhattan
And my car is overheatin' on Canal 
The hood is smokin'
Stuck in traffic
And ain't no antifreeze so I use tap water
That should hold me till I see this promoter
And get my scratch from him
Hit the stage, grab the mic and get booed
I don't give a fuck
I just took advice from the Dude
I just smiled, took a bow and took a pee in the crowd
Went to go get my show fee so I can be out
But the promoter done split
Ain't that some shit
And I'm hungry for a tuna fish sand which with chips
And I'm diggin' through my pockets for some Subway clips
You need eight to get a freebie but I only got six
I got clowned by some bitch
"I heard you sick of bein' rich"
Say, "Hey bitch, let me borrow
Ha, I'll pay you back tomorrow"
It's ahhhh...


[Outro: J-Zone]
Yo man fuck it. My car is in the shop
My hoes are lookin' chopped. I don't care though