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Artist: J. Cole
Album:  The Come Up (Mixtape)
Song:   Goin' Off
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Fuck it
Do or Die, new arrival
Holla at my niggaz
You survive you's alive, yo
Now either you follow me and ride, or you's a rival
The difference between you and I is you a model, you posing
But who am I though?
The mulatto out for that lotto
Money coming soon, the newest model
Your crew is hollow
The type of niggaz got more dick, chew and swallow
Your girl told me shoot in her face, she suicidal
Oh shucks, you niggaz is closed, you fold up
I'm from the Ville, niggaz get killed over four bucks
Thank God we made it, my niggaz, we grown up
Now we crazy over that bread, call us the "dough-nuts," uh
More sluts once the money blows up
But them hoes stop if the dough drops
I won't stop though, a chip off the 'ol block
I'm from a city where niggaz hole blocks
Leave you looking like old socks, damn
Cops patrol blocks, spotting on us
The boys is rotten, I know they want us
Probably arrest a nigga, get a bonus
You kill a nigga, get promoted
Shit is crazy, girls getting babies before they get diplomas
So much I just go nuts
Niggaz telling me slow up
Remember that
I'm tryna get where that cheddar at
Y'all don't hear me
Always somebody that don't want you getting cheese, yo
This whole bullshit is like Tom and Jerry
I'm kinda very raw, niggaz can't deny facts
If you black they sending you to jail or Iraq
Honor is something you can't sell or buy back
Niggaz don't like bragging, they 9-11 fly cats
Hijack niggaz, "Get up out your whip nigga, strip!
I want it all- ice on your wrists and the kicks"
This shit happens, I ain't just rapping, believe it yo
They got streets in the city police won't even go
Peep it though, uh
It ain't no secret, niggaz beefing cause my ego so big
It got me speaking like I'm diesel, like I'm devil, oh
Niggaz know my stylo, I ain't tweaking, I am lethal though
Have your daddy looking for you
This ain't Finding Nemo though
Let me slow it down, dumb it down, y'all warned
The son came up out that womb, yo, a star is born
If real recognize real, y'all are foreign
My team run a play on your bitch and we all scoring, yea!