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Artist: Joe Budden
Album:  Some Love Lost
Song:   Poker in the Sky
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{*intro conversation for first 30 seconds*}

[Joe Budden]
Just tryin to explain the unexplainable
More than tryin to attain the unattainable, tryin to make it sustainable
Collectin all the parts, see if they interchangeable
Killing me slow but I'm glad it's entertaining you
Every day it amaze me
The same thinkin that pay me, the same thinkin that plagues me
How can I think I'm crazy? Sway me
Cause to profit off of shit that aches me is actually pretty wavy
Uh, I'm paintin the perfect picture
Only perfect cause the imperfections are highlighted
The gross currency off of that kinda sickness
changes the meaning of "mind my business"
Givin what was given to me, so the soldiers come over unsober
and call me Yoda instead of Joseph
I be like, "Why they come to me for advice?"
They should really come to me for a vice
I got 'em all, got a counter full of liquor, pocket full of pills
The illusion of control, I can tell you how it feels
Accounts full of paper and the women I play with
All got criminal bodies, innocent faces
Come around and we have a ball, could have it all
Well I ran out of Adderall but that's a matter of a call
Check it, odds is they start tellin me they hardships
Regardless, they end up wantin hard dick, awww shit
You would think they been ordained
Got her legs in the air, she's screamin the Lord's name
I'm feedin her more game, more game, more game
I started fuckin her mind, that's when all them thoughts, came
She keep sayin if I want her I should fight for her
My plight for her says I don't know if I'm right for her
Even so know there's a fire I ignite for her
Starin at her ceiling, seein me like I'm a nightcrawler
Uh, it's like she love me but she don't
That's where she lose me, that's when she confuse me
It's what I get appalled with, can't call it
She think I should remove her hurt since I installed it
But, I wish she knew I was perturbed too
Bird's view, it hurt me more knowin I hurt you
Even though it exists I don't ever bring it up
We don't be doin nothin but it's everything to us
Presently she bring up the past, and it's filthy
You not talkin to who I was or who I will be
But that's my own assignment
You wanna take all of the feelings and the time spent and give it re-alignment
Check the catalog, lateral God
I self-sabotage, I'd explain further but I'd rather not
Salute, on me, everybody have a shot
I do it for the niggaz they said wouldn't have a shot
But some days are better than some days
Still yet here I stand on numb legs
Women don't give a fuck that I have these scars
I'm fuckin the same hoes that the athletes are
What a roller coaster, we argued and we sexed
Face in her box, James Harden in her texts
Nigga from the Clippers e'ry morning text her "Good morning"
She be sleep, he just be talkin to me, my nigga
None of this is a pain to see
I only care about her if she pertains to me
Shit I'm tendin to emergencies, with urgency
That urge in me, is my daily fight in her purgin me
Fuck hoes, I ain't got time to be sprung now
Grandpa's cancer just made it to his lungs now
In 2012, docs gave him few months, wild
He's alive somehow, outlived two sons, wow
So now the observation
says he'll die quicker with chemo and radiation
He ain't strong enough to even go through operation
Know that death's comin, he just in the house waitin
So you tellin me it ain't a way to fix the shit
Or is grandpa too old for you to give a shit?
Let's switch the shit, give you my predicament
Wonder how you'd feel if I was tellin yours live with it
And it's travellin to his heart soon
Of course it all hit me like a harpoon
I was in shock and then it was all clearer
When he called me and asked me to be his pallbearer
I was floored
But then the next second was back to bein self-centered, self-absorbed
And it became about me, fought it off long enough
I could help carry your weight, but I ain't strong enough
And why do I have to be?
This the shit I be naturally askin me, I'm such a catastrophe
See me breakin down with my father in back of me
So for me to attend I'm tryin to think of a strategy
But I'm happy for my dad, he was incarcerated
when his momma didn't make it
So for him to get that chance again with you
Means the world he could be there 'til it end for you
And me? I bleed out through this pen for you
Can't carry this around, gotta vent, it's due
Cause now, grandpa'll be closer to his wife
Have cards when I come, we playin poker in the sky {*echoes*}

{*outro conversation to the end*}