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Artist: Joe Budden
Album:  Better Off Without You 12"
Song:   Better Off Without You
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[Joe Budden]
You was the one baby girl I never been so sure
ya skin so pure, the type men go for
The type, they drive the Benz slow for
The type they be beepin the horn rollin down the windows for
BUT! had to break up, I had to leave you
It was some things you needed to learn that I couldn't teach you
And those words musta hurt
but if you can't trust me, how am I supposed to trust it'll work?
like I can't teach you to stand right beside me
or the priveleges that come with that title "wifey"
it's highly unlikely, and I'm concerned myself
I can't teach you you that bitch, you gotta learn it yourself
And I can't teach you swagger, can't you attitude
can't teach you to talk, if its a problem get at your dude
we both got some things thats upsettin us
If you don't hear from me, know I'm somewhere reppin us
problems lets squash it, its senseless
dont wanna end up lovin ma from a distance
we goin do it like uuuggghhh

[Chorus - repeat 2X]
I don't ever wanna do this thing without you
but I'm starting to feel
that maybe I'll be better off without you baby
(no matter what we went through
see no matter what we went through, we gon' do it like...)

[Joe Budden]
What about the months that I left, am I seein it right?
And is this really how she acts without me in her life?
How could you have that fag on top of you touchin you
like only I used to
like only I'm used to
And I'm tryna figure it out, but you can't help me
how you naked 'round duckboy, you can't tell me
pictures still in my mind, of THIS nigga feelin ya behind
am I supposed to still feel like it's mine?
ANd you tense when you by me
You in the shower cryin tryna rub his prints off yo' body
cause you feel nasty, and thats sad to see
but if that got you feelin that bad then imagine me
knowin I'm a step ahead of these cats
And you tryin to force yaself to love dude ma you better than that
tryna force him on you cause I took a step back from us like "chill"
THAT was for us to build
THAT was for us it's real
lets squash it its senseless, don't wanna end up lovin ma from a distance
we goin do it like ugggghhh


[Joe Budden]
Now you got some new men in ya life, some new friends in ya life
that you act different wit
but baby girl thats not the chic that I'm gettin wit
You not the same as you was, maybe cause ya life changed from what it was
havin you around ballplayers, wines gettin finer
now you eat sushi, no more diner
now you at a bench, short skirts and eyeliner
You industry now, everything's designer
things changed everythings designed to
but maybe that life's not you and I'm the only thing that reminds ya
say you love me but did you call me no
So is it really really love or am I all that you know?
cause you quick to tell a kid to never call you again
with that said how can I call you a friend or anything more?
how can I see us havin anything more
If its that easy what we go through anything for?
or..problems lets squash it its senseless
dont wanna end up lovin ma from a distance