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Artist: Joe Budden
Album:  Rage & The Machine
Song:   Wrong One
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[Chorus: Joe Budden]
Let's get some shit out to the forefront
They don't talk behind the store front
You muh'fucks picked the wrong one
Big mistake, I think you niggaz make the wrong one
These niggaz talkin 'bout burners like we don't own one
Blastin this fully-automatic, that's all drums
You muh'fucks picked the wrong one
Big mistake, I think you niggaz make the wrong one

[Joe Budden]
They say if money didn't change you, you ain't make enough
They say if you ain't down to bust then never say it's tough
Got a black bitch with a body, name her Nina Skill
Don't do the back and forth racket but Serena will
It's a couple rules I'ma share with you too
Know, niggaz gon' hate you for whatever you do
To let it off, you gon' need a right hand and a right wrist
And using the beam mean there was a chance that you might miss
A nigga wan' send me a message, have it delivered to me
Ticket on the coupe, sheriff ain't even give it to me
They want me killed, I'm ready for it
Means I've written my will so I'm ready for it but I'm real so be ready for it
Cans and Desi's for sport
Camouflagin the cameras and battery rammin doors, we ain't amateurs at all
I flew but sent my mans in the Accord
That's the plan movin forward, 'til I learn to get these hammers on board


[Joe Budden]
Tell them bitches they can all come
Three ain't mind sharin as long as I get them all to cum
One was alcoholic, I swear she was drinkin all the rum
Two live together uptown but be affordin some
Scooped 'em from the Bronx, in a small bed and breakfast fam
Which was ironic cause bitches couldn't put egg to pan
Egg to the pan, then got naked to tan
Or maybe to skinny dip but she ain't wanna wear the pants
I mean I pulled up to the block, swore it was Never-Never Land
Hardwood all over the crib, stepped in the Meadowlands
Gave her "I've been missin you" dick, she never left again
Now the bitch depressed again, I don't need the stress again
Steal from Rage, might as well send it back
I got shooters everywhere, where you gon' spend it at?
It's murder, still a reason they made the dress code
Figure I ain't wanna spread bloodshed on nice clothes