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Artist: Joe Budden f/ Joell Ortiz
Album:  Rage & The Machine
Song:   Serious
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[Chorus: Joell Ortiz] + (Joe Budden)
You niggaz want war? Trust me you don't want war
Homeboy, you don't know how serious it could be
(Man, the feelin starts, it's a million man march)
(No games, all my soldiers serious as can be)
When we pull up like (hey ya, hey ya, hey ya, ho...)
Then we run up like (hey ya, hey ya, hey ya, ho...)

[Joell Ortiz] + (Joe Budden)
Y'all done gone and did it, well, come on with it
The fifth got a kick but won't slip, I rubber gripped it
Wrap you in them sheets on Christmas, I'm double-gifted
Double-barrel shotty, you double joint when you flippin
Ask about your boy, they'll tell you I'm not the fella
Tomato sauce whoever try and shred up my mozzarella
(I guess it's in my genes, no prints if I got the poke out)
Man, let these niggaz reach, I'm Iverson with the blow out

[Joe Budden] + (Joell Ortiz)
Sometimes you gotta show out, just to show 'em what Joe 'bout
Give 'em the green light, well fuck it, where we even go now?
Got shooters on the scanner, you never know what we spoke 'bout
Picture Tony Montana with hammers runnin in Sos' house, ghost town
Bullets in the beach chair, lines drawn, break the sand
Got bad news, sit 'em down (nah nigga, take a stand)
Dirty crackheads run up on you, "What you was sayin man?"
It's lights out, won't even take a band (ha)


{"You dick-faced ass niggaz asked for it so, here they come"}

[Joe Budden] + (Joell Ortiz)
No matter where they from I disappeared and dump
No choice but to swear they dumb (but we're not dumb)
I'm on my Luke Skywalker, get your Jedi spun
(I'm on my DMC, I hear them things +Rev+ y'all +Run+)
Guess it's begun, get the private jet, pilot set, alibi in check
To the island head, make sure it's no survivors left
Round up all the hostages (bum stiggity bum stiggity bum!)
I mean a lot of that, shit be soundin like Das EFX
I, pay no mind to the talkin 'til it's a heightened threat
Never baby niggaz with envy to give me my respect

[Joell Ortiz]
I eject bullets from rifles wearin a sniper vest
Find your body OTC, you're like a Prilosec
Y'all won't even hear me comin, Michael Myers steps
Hear that, thing ch-ch-choppin 'til no tires left
Bulldogs bark, fours roar like a lion's breath
I love new toys so I invest