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Artist: Joe Budden f/ Stacy Barthe
Album:  Rage & The Machine
Song:   I Wanna Know
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[Intro: Joe Budden]
How's everybody feelin out there? We good?
Talk to the sample right quick, ha
I always pictured we'd be, ay
It go like this, listen

[Joe Budden]
Let me tell you how I pictured it, a few houses, a couple businesses
Strivin for greatness, we would be each other's witnesses
And during beef we both would put aside our differences
where I ain't flinch a bit makin you insignificant
Maybe kids and shit, perfect arithmetic
Meanin we could build our own world and co-exist in it
She a synergy, sharin energy
Let our souls mate in the air if you remember me
Now, here's what I did with it, went out my way to fuck these stripper chicks
Lost good girls makin them mistresses
Just savages, missed marriages
They all was my babies, I needed those miscarriages
My, worthless self when Joe felt hurt
I went out and targeted women who had no self-worth
I relate to prayin nightly feelin no spell work
When you can do it, but a stranger gotta go help first
I called moms on the phone, here's what I told her real quick
I said "My 20's flew by with no control of the shit"
Her next sentence swear that I'll forever hold with a grip
She said "It go by even faster as the older you get"
I wanna never dumb down, I'd have to lower my wit
Ain't gotta post this on the 'gram for you to know what it is
A partner to trust, I'm thinkin even bigger for us
Mom should've told me this when we had shit to discuss
Now neither one of us is how we figured we'd be
Sometimes the thought of "what if" still lives here with me
I always pictured we'd be

[Interlude: Joe Budden]
Ya mean? That's how I see it in my head though
Ain't quite pan out like that, word up
Let me tell you about some more of God's work though

[Chorus: Stacy Barthe]
I wanna know, what this life's supposed to be like
I wanna know, wanna know, ahhhhhh
I wanna know what this love's supposed to be like
I wanna know, wanna knowwww, ohhhhhhh, ohhhhh

[Interlude: Joe Budden]
Nah, I like it just like that Parks, let it run
Let me go right here, right here, right here
Look, look

[Joe Budden]
A love that's tideful, never prideful
If you're truly better without me how can I spite you?
As I yearn for the greatest love I ever had
Pardon me kid, I'm still learnin how to be a dad
We be in spots you shouldn't be 'til you grown
I was absent so long I'm just not leavin you home
So nah, too much to learn, too much world out there
Let me teach you about these hoes, too many girls out there
I respect your mom's tutelage
But that's my weird and my brain, what's she gon' do with this?
Watch and learn, foolish kid's eyes light up with surprise, you're just like I am
I think that you're enjoyin this ride just like I am
Look, same pedigree, theoretically
Cut from a cloth that was gone, that's just genetically
One job in life to make you a much better me
Greater feelin than I imagine this shit would ever be
You be feelin strong when you diss me in songs
I did the same my whole career, would never tell you it's wrong
Whatever works out, whatever the price, get that embedded
Even if at my expense I'll pay it, you take the credit
Had a power struggle when I thought your mom abused it
My hands were in bondage, useless, beyond the excuses
Calm through it, it's crazy, our bond music
And we do it beautifully for our beautiful conduit
So right now I stand in a place I never stood before
Finally filled the void in my life, I wasn't good before
Fuckin with these hoes, that energy I was puttin forth
God, this is more like the fuckin love I was lookin for
Now it's better than we pictured it'd be
And them supervised visits, we'll never have to relive it
Little nigga we'll be

[Interlude: Joe Budden] + (Stacy Barthe)
Haha, this is greater than us, greater than me
Greater than anything I could ever imagine, man
(I wanna know, what this life's supposed to be like)
I ain't talkin to e'rybody
Trey, what up though? Ha
(I wanna know, wanna knowwwww)
What up?!
(I wanna know, what this life's supposed to be like)
What up?!
(I wanna know, wanna knowwww)


[Outro: Stacy Barthe]
I wanna know, I wanna know
What this life's supposed to be like
What this love's supposed to be like
What this life's supposed to be like
Oh what this love's supposed to feel like!
I wanna knowwwwww!
I wanna know, wanna knowwwwwww
I wanna know what