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Artist: Joe Budden
Album:  Rage & The Machine
Song:   Forget
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[Intro: sample of "Your Love's Too Good to Be Forgotten" by The Stylistics]
Easy, to forget
A joke or game, someone's name
The day to day, what, time to meet
A certain place, on one street

[Joe Budden]
Faces be lookin familiar sometimes it's hard to know
I been a whole lot of places, I met a lot of folk
Ain't have a window to open, needed a pot to throw
In my hood the story of Mouse is one you gotta know
Could ask ma to push the i8 Beamer, can't remember where I seen her
I think it was La Marina singin all the words to Trina
Whole demeanor said +Freak+ like old pictures of Adina
But now all these broads shaped the same and waist trained
I'm on my third passport, I can't remember these niggaz
Like all the faces is blurred to most these industry niggaz
Mean game some while for an inklin of the fame
And I can spot 'em from they accents when I'm thinkin of they name
I've seen dames sip pink champagne
and do drugs that'll put Charlie Sheen to shame off my penis 'til I came
The drugs over the years made its way to my mental
Pardon if I don't remember when you gave me a demo
Or that one night we met up at Aces
When it count I'm an accountant, I'm just better with faces
So it's regular Joe, a regular wherever if I'ma go
That's since forever ago so it's however it could go

[Outro: sample of The Stylistics] + (Joe Budden)
The day to day, what, time to meet
A certain place (Let the sample talk to 'em)
On one street