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Artist: Joe Budden
Album:  Padded Room
Song:   Don't Make Me
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[Intro: Joe Budden]
Whoa, mic check one-two one-two
Mic check one-two one-two
Yeah, yeah, yeah
I'd like to welcome e'rybody (welcome e'rybody)
To the, to the, to the
L-look, look, l-look, look

[Joe Budden]
Top down with the fresh cut
With A. Baker through the speakers (I mean) "Best Of"
A crisp white tee, I'm still feelin dressed up (why?)
E'rything else healthy, don't get me messed up
A good pair of shades on, you gon' always see me in disguise
Not for style, I don't want you to see in my eyes
Live for now (but) but tell God hurry my plans
You see I just had to bury my man
Us two was on some brother shit (look)
But if I learned anything 
if you take life for granted it'll grant you some other shit
I know I can't be the only one troubled with
I talk 'bout hardship like I discovered it (but I)
Though I had enough of it (but I) still won't cut a wrist
I just wrote the book, he published it
Simply read holdin back the years
Cause when I stray it looked like he holdin back some tears, he sayin

[Chorus: sample]
Don't make me cry, no no
Don't you make me cry...
Don't you make me cry, no no
Don't you make me cry...

[Joe Budden]
L-look, look (oh!)
Sometimes I feel like it's a ghost behind me (look)
Nudge in my back, got the toast behind me
Clockin my every move, takin notes behind me
Crowd laughin, there must be a "Roast" behind me
But the boy won't bend (never)
Though the road to the riches is startin to look like it don't end
(But still) I'm on 9-5 speedin, truly love it
No idea where I'm goin, that's the beauty of it
But still I'm here waitin on a sign
Or a F.Y.I. to be notified
Cause (WHY, WHY?) Do it matter what he got 
in store for niggaz if they too broke to buy
I know I want heart, my back carryin some tons y'all
From the devil's bedroom onto his front yard
Pop up in the backseat and keys the chauffeur
Let 'em know before I hop out with him on my shoulder, I said


[Joe Budden - over Chorus]
Dawg, muh'fucker don't
Uhh, l-look, don't, nah
Uhh, uh uh, uhh
Mic check one-two one-two
Mic, one, two - let me holla at 'em

[Joe Budden]
Wouldn't be smart to tangle wit'cha guardian angel
Not when he gotta strangle from every angle, head to ankles
Get mangled, so though I ain't got shit (what?)
My eyes everywhere, on my Stuart Scott shit
Tryin to be fly every second that the clock tick (BUT)
But there's a suicide bomber in the cockpit (look here)
See my intent is to be content
But that's contingent, off fly hoes usin engines (uhh)
Since momma conceived me
Me and dude been stuck in a me-lee
He's tellin me I gotta ball like Beasly (uhh)
But I can give a FUCK how a nigga perceives me
So until God retrieves me
I'm followin behind the nigga that misleads me 
If need be, bounce from where he tryin to keep me 
But every time I try he tells me that he needs me, he said

[Chorus] w/ ad libs

[Joe Budden]
Uh-uh, uh
Stick around, we like...
Stuck in a padded room