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Artist: Joe Budden f/ Emanny
Album:  No Love Lost
Song:   You and I
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[Joe Budden]
Uh-huh, uhh
I feel like I've dated e'ry woman in the world, most were beautiful
Some were corporate, worked in a little cubicle
I done some shit to some that I would never do to you
Cause some were tailor-made but still wasn't suitable
Come to yours, I see why you'd be elusive
Some took advantage of you, some were intrusive
Some put they hands on you, some were abusive
Most cheated on you, must ain't think you were exclusive
Ain't gotta say a word, I already know it
And even if you scared to death it's ill that you never show it
I go to sleep with fear of losin you, don't wanna blow it
And I wouldn't be surprised if I did, that's typical Joe shit
I lie forever, not only do she trust me
Her body's a work of art, there's beauty in every ugly
So for me as a friend
Though our pasts are so horrible, together we won't ever have to see 'em again
I love you

[Chorus: Emanny]
You and I, you and I seem crazy
I would die, if you leave my life my baby
No one else gave a damn 'bout us
Where we go, I don't know the future
I just know, I don't wanna lose ya
We're just takin our chance on love, on love

[Joe Budden]
Uhh, I've been with e'ry woman in this world 'cept a virgin chick
Some kept my soul alive just so they can murder it
We're both broken pieces, both been hurt and shit
Both took a chance on each other and it was worth the risk
She low-maintenance, but she deserves a grip
Give her the best of me cause she endured the worst of it
She been through so much, still she carry on
So if she come with baggage it's a carry-on
So a life without, I couldn't conceive
I tried to dump her one time but she wouldn't leave
And I ain't want her to, so that was good to see
Soon as I uttered them words I damn near couldn't breathe
Been through the run-around, took her off the carousel
I'm still in shock that her passion's unparalleled
I know some ex's gotta be mad as hell
But we were so broken down we had to gel
I love you


[Joe Budden]
Uhh, okay, talk to 'em
I've been with e'ry type of woman, some of the baddest ones
Some were cougars, but still they acted young
Some were gossip queens, but I ain't mad at them
You make it bittersweet, today that shit matters none
Some I knew wouldn't last when the crash begun
Some played it cool, but wasn't half as fun
Some ain't over me, they just blame away
Some I ruined myself, others came that way
Some were model-esque, less started gainin weight
Others waited to gain, but met the same fate
Some moved to the city for a change of pace
Some I never broke up with, just let it fade away
Some never witnessed love, don't know what we see in it
Was a stranger for you so it's ill how you believe in it
Cause you done dated a few
If I'ma take a chance on love I thank God he let me take it with you
I love you