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Artist: Joe Budden f/ Kirko Bangz
Album:  No Love Lost
Song:   Top of the World
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[Joe Budden]
You can catch me in a strip club stacked up, I don't keep 'em visible
Won't see a man get thirsty cause I'm known to keep a bitch or two
Probably both be bi-sexual, I tell 'em chill and kick it boo
And never get uncomfortable, these waitresses start kissin you
Y'all would call it birthday sex, I call it a ritual
If you've seen it like me then I already know why y'all be miserable
You don't really want no problems cause them shooters they hospitable
And they gon' grab them blockers while you try and keep it physical
Pool house or that guest house, it don't matter where it goes down
Driveway is cobblestone, garage is like a Ghost town
I ain't even touch 'em yet they feel like they've been hosed down
If you real then you gotta respect this shit, G's up, hoes down

[Chorus: Kirko Bangz]
I'm chillin on top of the world
(Top of the world, top of the world)
Now you know all about me girl
(About me girl, about me girl)
Tell them niggaz I did it, look how I came up
Tell them niggaz I'm with it if they bring my name up
Tell them bitches I'm gone, don't be callin my phone (phone)
If it ain't about the money baby (baby)

[Joe Budden]
Uhh, uhh, hold up
Let's get back to my loved ones, those of y'all that been with me
Helped me to +exercise+ my demons, brought 'em to the gym with me
Probably why she text me to death like "Joe I got a friend with me
and I'd love to eat her out while you on top or anal rammin{?} me"
Let's get back to them things I like, let's get back to that stripper pole
Let's get back to her poppin that, I ain't even really gotta tip her though
It's bonjour while I'm on tour, I mean every night, different show
And if you a little too sober just tell me your favorite liquor HOE!
Wait, tell me your favorite, then lick a hoe
We them dudes you wanna get to know, cameras up, no pictures though
Lookin for them broke niggaz {?} to me there ain't none
To respect my position gotta respect where a nigga came from


[Joe Budden]
She know I like it when her hair curled, sun dress, lil' bit of makeup on
Turnpike, parkway, either way won't take us long
Hit the club, twenty minutes, deuces either way I'm gone
Be a fool if I stayed there with an ass bouncin in my favorite thong
I came from nothin like my father was a deadbeat
Wasn't for that I don't know if I'd say success is sweet
Top of the world, let's let how I sustain maintain my legacy
Takin a bit of my soul but won't let it consume the rest of me
Now let's get back to this paper though, e'ry day same shit
Screamin RNS for life, some of y'all don't know that language
Livin for you, never for them, best way to explain it
is I want the most cause I had the least, that's why I'm on my game BIATCH!