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Artist: Joe Budden f/ Emanny
Album:  Mood Muzik 4: A Turn 4 The Worst
Song:   Stuck in the Moment
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[Intro - Joe Budden - talking] (*echo*)
How's everybody feeling out there?
Y'all good?
I wanna thank everybody for coming out
Sharing this moment with a nigga
It means more to me than it can to anybody else
Trust me (talk to 'em)

[Verse 1 - Joe Budden]
Check it, When the night falls and the smoke clears
Millions of miles away, yet they so near (uh)
I remember memories, so I'm never lead astray
When tomorrow comes I know it's only due to yesterday
Without a boundary (uh), check my latitude
New attitude, see I'm grateful for havin gratitude
I'm not complacent (but), but got no regrets
Few hatin niggaz wanna see me regress
Deep breath, life is too short for me to be stressed
Interpret ice grillin as their way of sayin he's blessed
You wanna hate, I got my own show, be my guest
Remember doctors used to tell me I was depressed
At the time was datin a model with double D chest
I thought, 'til she laughed that shit off and said these's F's
Before I bought my first gun, was already armed
Teach you about couth, little bit of class, heavy charm
Used to give my last, for a nice chain, heavy charm
High school dropout but went to every prom (talk to 'em)
Now everyone I went to high school with
Now they thirty years plus still on some high school shit (talk to 'em)
Seems like all the fly niggaz and bitches that was well off (now they)
Is junk head high niggaz, all the bitches fell off
From surgery, rappin for niggaz that never heard of me (uh)
Burglaries, dappin up niggaz that want to murder me (uh)
If you close minded, I call that an emergency
Blind fold yourself as if there's nothin more to further see (ta ha)
Honestly that's absurd to me
If the sky is the limit, then where's the urgency? (me?)
I embrace life (ta ha), I'm so carefree
But I won't judge y'all, if you don't care to be (uh)
Just know no matter who you are (what?)
The right system'll (it'll), turn a role player to a superstar (oh!)
I'm talkin rock bottom, a whole 'nother tier
Stuck in the moment made me move to a whole 'nother year
How'd I become straight forward?
No baggage, y'all can run from the past, I'm a make my way towards it
Like (ta ha), nigga I remember stage fright
Back when I ain't know if I could rock the stage right
Who knew I'd end up bein the nicest?
My point, hard to come up short when shit is priceless (ta ha, uh)
Hard to come up short when shit is priceless (oh!)

[Chorus – Emanny] - w/ Joe Budden ad libs
I can't explain it, I just gotta embrace it
That something got me feeling this way, yeah
Instead of runnin, I'm waitin here for it
'Cause nothin ever been this great
I'm stuck in the moment
Stuck in the moment, the moment
Stuck in the moment, the moment
I'm stuck in the moment
Stuck in the moment, the moment
Stuck in the moment, the moment
I'm stuck in the moment

[Verse 2 - Joe Budden]
I say this with all certainty, people wantin the worst for me
Got to wait in a long line, it's not a first for me
Most of my defects have been put in my past
If you only see what I have, then you overlookin my path
If you knew about my hardships and the bloodshed
It'll speak for itself (trust me) and that's enough said
I carry heavy weight, who wanna try and bear it?
Hope to lessen it daily, if you wonder why I share it
Bein stuck in that moment never appealed to me
You ain't live my life, so you can't imagine how real it be
I'm talkin about the long haul
Put me on a high pedestal (then you), better be prepared to watch a long fall
(So) So the trampoline I adore
Got so much to say to the people I ignore
Dog, some moments you rather forget because they scare you
I lock onto them shits like a pit, they just prepare you
Photographic memory of déjà vu
The way I do, whatever I say I do
Nigga built Ford Tough, show facades what talent is (you could)
Get a different V, you ain't got to Dodge Challenge this (oh!)
+Emotional Rollercoaster+, Vivian Green
Every event led to livin a dream (or), or do I live in a dream?
Where there's no such thing as a crisis
My point, can't come up short when shit is priceless (oh!)


[Break - Emanny]
I've been through the struggle, been through the hustle
But never did it bring me down
I don't know where I'm goin
But all I know is, I'm stuck in the moment
Maybe I've been, here before
But I don't see no need to change it
Don't know what life has in store
But I'm prepared to embrace it

[Chorus] - w/ ad libs