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Artist: Joe Budden
Album:  Mood Muzik 4: A Turn 4 The Worst
Song:   Black Cloud
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[Intro - Joe Budden - talking] (*echo*)
Nothin stays the same forever
Not even me
Uh, uh
Check this
Check it (let's go)

[Verse 1 - Joe Budden]
Something must've changed me, niggaz might defame me
But things that used to taint me, no longer seem to restrain me
Strangely, I'm no longer sad, mad or angry
Shameably it pains me, feelin like it just ain't me
Mainly, what do I tell all the people that thanked me?
Namely, those who ordain me, aside from "can you blame me?"
Motivation the game was supplyin me, it's no longer providin me
Jayson Williams somethin killed whatever was drivin me
Worryin less about the past, more about the now (the now ...)
Less about what I'm goin through, more about the how (the how ...)
It's for certain, for 30 years bein fit for hurdlin
Now I'm a different person, with nothin to overcome and I miss the burden
For certain, got six figures in my sock drawer
And honestly, this year I expect to make a lot more
It's hard to live without a budget when life is corrupted
In a house that's so peaceful that I'm tryin to disrupt it
Scream "fuck it!", not 'cause I have to but 'cause I love it
Which makes me as fake as the puppets that I speak of disgusted (disgusted ...)
Without a paddle up shit's creek
Dig deep and see it ain't life, it's just me (me ...)
So be warned as I'm puttin on like I'm reformed
Only so y'all can accept it as bein my norm
Maybe I quit workin on me, maybe I've given up
Maybe I've been lyin to myself, maybe I give a fuck (fuck ...)

[Chorus - Joe Budden]
It's enough to make you black out, pull a MAC out
Aim it at the sky while I'm runnin from the black cloud (cloud ...)
Every day we playin cat and? mouse
As I watch it hoverin over my glass house
Enough to make you spaz out, pull a MAC out
Aim it at the sky while I'm runnin from a black cloud (cloud ...)
Tired enough for me to pass out (out ...)
Tired of runnin from the black cloud (cloud ...)

[Verse 2 - Joe Budden]
I say it loud, hopin someone can hear me clearly
Tryin to make my girl get it, she don't know that it's very scary
But she's a nympho, she could be barely near me
She'll still want the God in her, I think she Mary Mary
The prettiest bitches just want to service me
While niggaz pretty as bitches wouldn't get a word from me
Some of you haven't heard from me, some of you wouldn't mind murkin me
Find that news funny like it's straight from Ron Burgundy
These niggaz ain't never seen dough
They can dream though, I bump into ‘em in between shows
People say I'm emo, what that really mean though
Is though the songs can't breathe, I actually make it seem so
I've lost loved ones because they couldn't deal with me
Cherish whoever still with me, though the merit's been killed in me
Normally it's just me and my lonely mind
Everyone's storm is different, so this forecast is only mine
Fans recognize my misery uplifted me
Shifted me to my epitome, guess the curse is a gift to me
Maybe it's serendipity, maybe it's weighin on me physically
Maybe I should man up and tell God not to solicit me
Been medicated, meditated, sedated, hated
Character assassinated, all these years I've masqueraded
Hard headed, if it was on my mind, I had to say it
Tongue on the Devil's pitchfork to see how disaster tasted
Rap is fabricated, rappers are so exaggerated
Wouldn't be scared of the truth if they weren't castrated
Grab a Mag and spray it, surrounded by people that's suitable for me
That'll unconditionally love my beautiful ugly
Now let me speak to who I cater to
Would you love me the same if all my weeks were not favorable?
Promise to maintain bein unique but relatable
All while sufferin from a disease that can do away with you
Poetry on the beat, spoken word for the masses
Therapy over Pro Tools, every word is on acid
Consonants are on kush (kush), every vowel is blunted
Highly wanted, this whole organization privately funded
This is bigger than the Eiffel, this is alert the public
Had the coppers by our tunnels and our bridges with the rifle
Sentences meant to stifle, this is a man achin
This is the dam breakin, contraband in the makin
This is panic unveilin, got potential but I never met it
He be tryin to come over, it seem like God won't let it
Either he never got my invite or he just dismissed it
But if all I'm hearin are "Sounds of Blackness", why am I pessimistic?
You'll never progress if you'll never try (try ...)
All I ask, let every word I birth, never die (die ...)
My wings spread but when I'm at the sky
Weather didn't change like I thought and had me petrified (petrified ...)